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Monthly Preschool Themes!

Check out these awesome Monthly Preschool Themes! Click on your month, print out it’s unique worksheet 10-pack, then scroll to see everything the blog has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a monthly craft, seasonal worksheets, or holiday worksheets we’ve got your covered! Boost creativity, learn new vocabulary, and build fine motor skills.

Monthly Preschool Themes

Preschool Themes by Month!

Build pre-writing skills, letter recognition skills, color recognition skills, learn simple numbers, put together puzzles, identify shapes, learn new vocabulary, and engage with exciting themes for each month! For the best results, print your worksheets onto cardstock paper.

January Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for January like snowmen, penguins, polar bears, sweaters, snowflakes, mittens, and more!

February Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for February like hearts, love birds, X’s and O’s, friendship, valentines, the color pink, and love! Print out your own Valentine’s Day pack!

May Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for May like camping, s’mores, hiking, sunshine, Mother’s Day, the color blue, nature, the outdoors, and more!

June Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for June like watermelon, carnival adventures, summer worksheets, fireflies, popsicles, sunglasses, and sunshine!

July Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for July like fireworks, hotdogs, 4th of July, Shark Week, ice-cream, America, puppy dogs, and more!

August Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for August like dogs, picnics, food, ants, nature, weather, animals, and more!

September Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for September like back-to-school, apples, crayons, acorns, scarecrows, squirrels, leaves, trees, books, and reading.

October Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for October like ghosts, spiders, witches, Halloween, pumpkins, monsters, candy, bats, and more!

November Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for November like Thanksgiving, turkeys, pilgrims, pies, friendship, leaves, fall worksheets, and the colors orange and brown.

December Worksheets

Discover preschool themes for December like Christmas, reindeer, candy canes, holiday lights, trees, gingerbread men, wreaths, and the colors red and green.

March Theme Printables

March Themed Printables!

Discover preschool themes for March like clovers, frogs, rainbows, plants, St. Patrick’s Day, the color green, and pots of gold! Have fun with coloring sheets, Dot Dot sheets, puzzles, counting sheets, and more!

April Theme Printables

April Themed Printables!

Discover preschool themes for April like rain, baby chicks, bunnies, umbrellas, Earth Day, National Pet Day, Easter, and spring worksheets. Have fun with coloring sheets, letter matching, Dot Dot sheets, and more!

Why Should I Have a Monthly Theme?

Monthly themes allow preschoolers to build connections around a unified idea or event. If you are a parent or teacher, working with a theme can be a good roadmap for connecting a variety of skills. Themes allow our little ones to organize information and create a wide web of growing experiences.

For example, when we work with May themes like camping and nature, your little ones can connect colors blue, green, and brown to the earth. They can learn vocabulary words related to camping like canoe, backpack, sleeping bag, etc. They can learn about the animals you may discover on a camping trip like ladybugs, worms, and bears. Incorporation of shapes, colors, vocabulary, crafts, letters, and numbers will fully round out your themed plan.

Preschoolers with a Rocket Theme

Not only are monthly preschool themes great for building fine motor skills, but gross motor skills can be a focus as well! Dance like animals, move with fabric, play charades, and more! Incorporate sensory games, recipes, and crafts to work the brain by encouraging reading and building self-esteem. Monthly themes are also a great way to discover your little one’s potential interests!

My Favorite Supplies!

Traditional markers and crayons are great, but if you’re the mood for something a little magical to add to your supply closet, take a look at my top picks! Tropical Markers, Confetti Crayons, 1 Inch Animal Face Stickers, and Dot Dot Metallic Shimmer Markers are always a huge hit with the little ones!

Tropical Markers
Confetti Crayons
Stickers for Pre-K
Dot Dot Markers

We hope you enjoyed these Monthly Themes for Preschool! Be sure to check out the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!