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Puffy paint activity craft for pre-k from The Hollydog Blog.

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Check out these awesome activities to do at home or in the classroom! Use what you already have, don’t spend a fortune, and let your little ones’ creativity explode!

"My Hollydog" Coloring Sheet for The Hollydog Blog.

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Check out our latest book in the Hollydog series, “My Hollydog Rides in the Car”.

“My Hollydog Rides in the Car” written by Charise Leemis, illustrated by Amanda Leemis is perfect for ages 2-3. When Holly goes for a drive with her humans, what will happen when she jumps out of the car as they are driving down the street? What did she see? Will they find her? Read our book to find out!

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"My Hollydog Rides in the Car" Picture Book


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