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FREE March Worksheets for Preschool

Download your FREE March Worksheets for Preschool Below! This pack touches on a few different March themes like rainbows, 4-leaf clovers, St. Patrick’s Day, and animals. Have fun coloring, matching, finding hidden objects, and putting together a puzzle! This pack is perfect for boosting creativity and building fine motor skills! Happy March, everyone!

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March Worksheets for Preschool!

First, have fun sorting numbers 3 and 4! Look at the clovers at the bottom of the page. Count how many leaves each clover has and glue it into its same column. Next, have fun with the March Eye Spy Worksheet. Can you find all 10 pots of gold? Use a marker or crayon to circle them all or use small stickers. This is great for building pincher strength. Peel and stick one sticker onto each pot of gold. Finally, cut and paste each object to its same shadow in the March Shadow Match Worksheet.

March Printables

Have fun with two super colorful worksheets. The Pattern Match Worksheet is great for building fine motor skills and identifying matching patterns. Cut out the squares on the right and paste them to their matching squares on the left. Then, color in the rainbow! Match your crayon color to the dots on each curve. Have you ever seen a real rainbow in the sky?

Finally, have fun with Wiggles the Worm! Use a laminator to put together the puzzle again and again. Once laminated, cut out the pieces, then have your little ones put together the puzzle by matching each shape to its same shape. For some extra fun with numbers, have fun cutting and pasting each number that comes before and after the pot of gold!

Click below to download your FREE March Activity Pack for Preschool!

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