FREE September Activity Pack for Preschool

The FREE September Activity Pack for Preschool is here! It comes with 6 activities that build fine motor skills and boost creativity! First, have fun with a pig Dot Dot sheet and an apple Dot Dot Sheet. Use Dot Dot markers to fill in each circle. Want to try something different? Use little stickers to place in each circle. This builds pincher strength and brings a new creative challenge to the table. You can also try Q-tip painting! Simply dip the end of the Q-tip into your favorite paint color, and then place one dot in each circle! This type of painting is fun because it’s a lot less messy when you use a Q-tip!

FREE September Activity Pack for Preschool

Have fun sorting apple colors in the “Apple Color Sorting” sheet, and carry on sorting out shapes in the “Let’s Sort Apple Seeds!” sheet. These two apple theme activities are great for identifying different categories and practicing simple cutting and gluing. The focus colors are red, yellow, and green. The focus shapes are circles and ovals. Be sure to cut open an apple while you’re at it! Let your little ones see the apple seeds for themselves!

Apple Sort for the Free September Activity Pack for Preschool
Apple Sort in the Free September Activity Pack for Preschool

Next, have fun with a classic chicken coloring sheet. What does the chicken say? “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Remember to have fun and talk with your little ones along the way by describing what they see. Lastly, practice drawing straight lines in the “Picture Match!” activity sheet. Draw a line and connect the same images with their same partner. This is a great sheet for learning new vocabulary. Be sure to talk about the name of each image.

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