FREE October Activity Pack for Preschool

Download all 6 activities in your FREE October Activity Pack for Preschool! This pack comes with 3 Halloween themed Dot Dot sheets. Pick between a spider, ghost, pumpkin, or do all three! Get creative and have fun. This is a great chance to build fine motor skills and boost creativity! The pack also comes with an awesome spider web tracing sheet. Spiders aren’t so scary, did you know that they have 8 legs? How cool! Now, come check out some great Halloween activities for preschoolers!

FREE October Activity Pack for Preschool
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Preschool Spider Fun!

Have fun counting with the “Let’s Count, Halloween Edition” sheet. Simply cut and paste each image to its matching column. This is great for building fine motor skills! Count bats, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and candy corn! My favorite activity in this pack is identifying spider shapes by coloring them orange or black. Be sure to get your littles talking while completing the sheets. What does a bat sound like? Have you ever carved a pumpkin? What is your favorite Halloween candy?

October Dot Dot Sheets

Next, learn about some fun colors in the candy corn coloring sheet! For extra fun, have some candy corn handy! Let your little ones give it a try. Who likes it? The Dot Dot sheets in this pack are awesome! Use Dot Dot markers to fill in each picture. A great alternative to Dot Dot markers is stickers! Have your little ones peel and stick one sticker and place it in the center of each dot. This is a great opportunity to build pincher strength! For another color identification activity, the spider Dot Dot sheet comes with its dots in chunks of color. Have your little ones match the surrounding color to fill in the dots! Our main colors in this pack are: black, orange, purple, yellow, and white.

Bat Silhouettes!

Finally, this pack comes with a bonus preschool Halloween activity! Cut out your bat silhouette and color it in with watercolors, markers, or crayons. Attach it to a letter strip and soon you will have a classroom full of little bats flying around! Making headbands is always a great activity to do at the end of the day on Friday!

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