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Free Color Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out awesome Free Color Worksheets for Preschool! Discover all the colors of the rainbow! Have fun with cut and paste sheets, eye spy sheets, tracing sheets, and more! These printable color activities will boost creativity and build fine motor skills. Learning to identify colors builds the basis for preschoolers to develop their visual and cognitive skills.

Free Color Worksheets for Preschool

Free Printable Color Recognition Worksheets!

Each color pack comes with 10 free printables including: i spy sheet, tracing sheet, color letter matching, color fingerprint template, cut & paste sheets, color Dot Dot, and fun coloring sheet.

red worksheets for preschool

Red Worksheets!

Come discover the color red in these red worksheets for preschool! Learn red words like: ladybug, strawberry, robin, and stop sign. Print out your red flowers fingerprint template.

orange worksheets for preschool

Orange Worksheets!

The color orange is here with carrots, fish, oranges, and more! Come check out these great orange worksheets for preschool. Print out your orange dreamcatcher fingerprint template.

yellow worksheets for preschool

Yellow Worksheets!

Come see these awesome yellow worksheets for preschool. Learn yellow words like: rubber duck, firefly, flower, sunshine, and bumble bee. Have fun with a yellow firefly fingerprint template!

Green Worksheets for Preschool

Green Worksheets!

Come check out the color green with lizards, alligators, dinosaurs, frogs, and more! Build fine motor skills with these green worksheets for preschool. Print your tree fingerprint template!

Blue Worksheets for Preschool

Blue Worksheets!

Check out awesome blue worksheets for preschool! Learn blue words like: jeans, shark, blueberries, and bluebird! Have fun with a blue raincloud fingerprint template.

purple worksheets for preschool

Purple Worksheets!

Discover the color purple with jellyfish, plums, unicorns, grapes, and more! These purple worksheets for preschool are great for learning new vocabulary. Have fun with a purple panda fingerprint template.

pink worksheets for preschool

Pink Worksheets!

The color pink is here with bubble gum, cotton candy, hearts, seahorses, and more! Boost creativity with these pink worksheets for preschool. Have fun with a pink donut fingerprint template.

brown worksheets for preschool

Brown Worksheets!

Come see these great brown worksheets for preschool! Discover brown words like: bear, owl, dog, violin, football, and acorn! Print your deer fingerprint template.

More Color Activities!

color flashcards for preschool, Free Color Worksheets for Preschool

Color Flashcards

color wheel and color chart, Free Color Worksheets for Preschool

Color Chart

color matching worksheets for preschool

Color Matching Worksheets

color dot dot pages

Color Dot Dot Sheets

We hope you enjoyed these Free Color Worksheets for Preschool! These packs are great for learning colors for kids. Be sure to see the entire Preschool Printables Library for tons of fun!