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The Best Self-Esteem Activities for Preschool

Check out The Best Self-Esteem Activities for Preschool. We want our preschoolers to be prepared for any challenge that comes their way, so how do we prepare them for this? We boost self-confidence and independence. This doesn’t mean simply pronouncing positive affirmations, this means giving your preschooler real life challenges that they can and will accomplish. These achievements show our preschoolers that they are capable and well equipped to go into the future with their heads held high. Check out 5 great activities to build self-esteem below.

The Best Self-Esteem Activities
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Things to remember: Be patient when going through the activities. Gently encouraging your little ones will go a long way! Frustration doesn’t build self-esteem and will undermine the purpose of the lesson. Be sure to ask your preschoolers questions to get them thinking about the activity, to boost vocabulary, and to build a social connection.

Help the Household

There are so many ways your little ones can help around the house. Give your preschooler a consistent chore for the week, or give them a different task each day. Have them water the plants, go on a walk with the dog, sweep the floor, pick up a messy room, dust with a swiffer, or set the table. When the task is completed, be sure to compliment! Remember, this activity not only will build confidence, but it builds fine & gross motor skills as well!

It’s always great to give a “because”. For example, “Because you watered the plants, they are growing so tall!” “Because we took the dog for a walk, he is sleeping soundly by the window.” “Because you helped set the table, we can all eat together!”. Remember, it’s not about the finished product, water might get spilled and the table might not be set perfectly, but your preschooler completed an important task all by themselves! Now, that is a confidence booster!

The Best Self-Esteem Activities, preschooler washing dishes

When I was little, my mom bought me a mini mop that was the perfect size for me. She would get out the big mop and let me help her with my mini mop. When we were finished, she would talk about what a great job we did to keep the house clean for the rest of the family. Bringing your little ones into the cleaning process is a great way to build self-esteem.

Pack for a Trip

Have your preschooler help you pack for a trip. This doesn’t have to be any big family vacation, it can be something as small as preparing for a day at the park with a picnic. When you engage your preschooler in the planning process it gets them thinking about near future needs. When your preschooler arrives at the park with everything they need like water, snacks, a jacket, toys, it will bring order to the day and boost confidence!

The Best Self-Esteem Activities, preschooler packing for a trip

When prepping for the trip have a list of things needed and your bags or suitcase open and ready. Ask your little ones to bring you items needed for the adventure. You may ask your little ones to bring you their jacket, a pair of shoes, their sunglasses, their favorite snack from the kitchen, etc. Check off each item as they bring it to you. This activity is the stepping stone they need for gathering their things together on their own. Give them a little guidance and you will see how their independence blossoms.

When your little ones engage in this activity it will build their independence. Before your know it, they will be gathering their things all by themselves. My mom did this with my two brothers and myself before we went on long road trips. She would have a list of things for us to pack and she would list them off one by one. It was a really fun activity for me, and I’m sure she was glad not to have to pack everyone’s stuff!

Serve the Community

This activity is great because it has a positive outcome that boosts self-esteem and teaches our little ones how to give back to the community. There are many kinds of this activity for example, serving a snack to friends, making holiday cards for those who serve the country, cleaning up a messy room, or washing a dirty dog.

This activity is great for building self-esteem because it shows your little ones that they can change the world for the better in a very tangible way. For example, when the dog is clean he gets to visit the pet store, when you serve a snack to your friends they aren’t hungry anymore, when you clean up a messy room there is space for a big party with lots of smiles to go around!

This activity also encourages sequencing, thinking about first, second, and third. For example, when setting out a snack for friends: first, place a napkin at each setting, second, place a goldfish pack at each setting, third, place a water bottle at each setting. When washing a dog: soak, soap, rinse, dry, treats!

The Best Self-Esteem Activities, boy washing a dog

Follow a Recipe

There is no limit to what recipes your little ones can create. Bake cookies, make your own playdough, or form slime! Engaging with an activity like this demonstrates to your preschoolers that they can make something on their own from a few simple ingredients. Baking cookies is also a great way to show your preschoolers that they can feed their friends and family. Making a recipe can serve a kind purpose.

The Best Self-Esteem Activities, mother and daughter making cookies

Making a product that you can eat or play with is a great way to boost your preschoolers confidence in their abilities! Recipe following is also a great way to get your preschooler interested in reading! Take your time when putting together the recipe, and remember, it’s not about the finished product, but about the process. Gently encourage along the way! Check out a couple things to get your creative process moving. Get yourself a slime kit, or check out an Easy Bake Oven cookbook!

The Easy Bake Oven Complete Cookbook
Slime Kit

Show Love to the Environment

Giving back to the environment is a great way to build your preschooler’s self-esteem and increase their ability to care for their surroundings. There are many activities to take part in that will demonstrate to your little ones that saving the environment isn’t just something for the older kids to do.

Water the plants outside, pick up trash at the park, plant flowers in a garden, or clean picnic tables with soap and water. Planting flowers in a garden is also a great sensory activity for your preschoolers. They will build fine motor skills through feeling different textures and planting the seeds with their fingers.

Remember to use because statements. Because we picked up trash on the beach, birds won’t get stuck in the plastic. Because we cleaned off the picnic tables, everyone will get a clean, dry seat. Because we watered the plants, we will see colorful flowers blossom.

Little Boy Watering Plants

BONUS! Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to keep your kids in a positive mind set. Have your little ones write down three things that they are thankful for everyday. Give them space to draw as well if they feel like being creative. Having our little ones reflect on their increasing abilities is a great way to build self-esteem. Making this a routine at bedtime can be a great way to end each day.

Prompt your little ones with questions so they think of things both material and spiritual. For example, what is one thing you really like about yourself? What person are you happy you got to spend time with today? What part of nature brought you joy today? What did you do today that made someone else happy? Who made you happy? How has God taken care of you today?

Check out two gratitude journals that I love! Both journals prompt good questions and allow for drawing!

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal
My First Gratitude Journal

We hope you enjoyed The Best Self-Esteem Activities for Preschool. Keep those muscles moving with The Best Movement Activities for Preschool! Discover great ways to build muscle strength, boost expression, and have some fun!

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