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FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool

Download your FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool below! This pack is full of great May themes and full of opportunities to build fine motor skills! Have fun tracing, coloring, and practicing scissor skills. Too add some extra fun to the lesson, why not make s’mores? Remember you can use your microwave if your little ones aren’t safe enough to be around a real fire. Get creative and have fun! Don’t forget to print your Free Spring Worksheets for Preschool for more seasonal fun!

FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool

First, have fun with summer counting! Cut out the objects from page 2 and glue them into their matching column on page one. Talk about the names of each object and be sure to count along the way! The “Eye Spy 10 Flashlights” is my favorite sheet in this pack! Have your little ones use a crayon or marker to circle each flashlight. To build pincher strength, use a sheet of small/medium stickers. Have your little ones peel and stick onto the Eye Spy sheet.

FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool
FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool

Next, practice identifying colors with the “My Colorful Mountains!” sheet. Cut out the purple, green, and yellow mountains and glue them into their matching columns. The s’mores tracing sheet is great for practicing those pre-writing skills. Use a crayon or marker to trace your way to each s’more. Finally, use markers, crayons, or water colors to fill in the backpack coloring sheet. What things would you bring with you on a hike?

May Preschool Worksheet
FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool

Be sure to talk with your little ones while completing the pack. Build vocabulary by talking about the things you see in each worksheet. Ask questions about the outdoors. What do you like to do outside? Have you ever used a flashlight? What things do you have in your backpack?

Click below to download your FREE May Activity Pack for Preschool!

Camping Worksheets for Preschool!

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Teacher Appreciation Week Printables!

Did you know that Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May? Be sure to complete some Teacher Appreciation Week Printables and let your teachers know how much they mean to you!

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