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FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool

Download your FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool below! This pack is full of fun vocabulary and exciting June themes. Learn new words like Ferris wheel, carousel, and carnival! Build fine motor skills with cutting and pasting, then boost creativity with a carnival coloring sheet! This is a great time to get talking. Be sure to talk with your little ones while completing the pack. Want to make things extra fun? Bring cotton candy to the lesson and let everyone have a try!

FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool

First, get started with being creative! Use a crayon or marker to trace the lines in the “Cotton Candy Tracing” sheet. Then, use markers, crayons, or water colors to fill in the “Welcome to the Carnival” coloring page. Don’t be afraid to get messy and use some paint if the feeling strikes you!

FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool

Next, this pack comes with tons of straight line cutting. Sort the carnival pictures into their matching column with the “Carnival Counting” page. Be sure to count along the way! “The Carousel Horse Color Sort” is great for sorting colors and building fine motor skills. Cut out the horses at the bottom of the page, then use a glue stick to sort them into the column with the same color.

FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool
FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool

The watermelon puzzle is also great for learning numbers. Match each number to its partner and before you know it, you’ll have a watermelon! This pack is great for summertime fun. If you want to build on this pack with some fun outdoor adventures, why not go to a real carousel? This is a great time for preschool summer activities. Check out a real Farris wheel!

Click below to download your FREE June Activity Pack for Preschool.

Summer Worksheets for Preschool!

The beginning of summer has arrived! Be sure to print your Summer Worksheets for Preschool 10-pack! Have fun learning shapes, colors, counting numbers, and more!

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Print the best Father’s Day gift for free! Print red, black, or blue Father’s Day coupons. Customize each coupon and write how each one can be redeemed. Best Father’s Day ever!

Watermelon Worksheets for Preschool!

A watermelon theme is great for June! Have fun with these exciting Watermelon Worksheets for Preschool! Build fine motor skills through counting, tracing, and more!

Carnival Coloring Pages!

Be sure to print out some exciting Carnival Coloring Pages for the month of June! Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in each picture!

Did you enjoy the June Activity Pack for Preschool? See all 12 monthly preschool themes for fun all year long! Be sure to check out the July Activity Pack for more creative summer themes for preschool.

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