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FREE April Worksheets for Preschool

Download your FREE April Worksheets for Preschool below! This pack is superb for building fine motor skills and it touches on a few different April themes. Come check out bunnies, rain clouds, chickies, shape sorting, and more! With a tracing sheet, Dot Dot sheet, coloring sheet, and two cut and paste activities your little ones will have tons of fun while building finger strength.

Free April Worksheets for Preschool
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April Worksheets for Preschool!

First, have fun cutting and pasting in the “My Colorful Umbrellas!” worksheet. Sort umbrellas colored red, yellow, and blue. Next, have fun matching the letters in the word “April”. This cutting and pasting is great for building hand strength and fine motor skills. Then, have fun tracing numbers 1-10 in the “10 Raindrops” worksheet. Use a marker or crayon to trace each number.

Umbrella Sorting Colors
Cut and Paste letters
Number Tracing

April showers bring May flowers!

Next, get shape sorting! These sheets are super popular. Simply cut on the dotted line and use a glue stick to match each shape to its matching column. Remember, this is a great time to build vocabulary. Talk about what each object looks like. Is there something in the same shape around the room? Have fun matching up each number in the “April Showers!” puzzle!

Free April Worksheets for Preschool puzzle
cut and paste shapes

April Activities for Preschool!

Finally, get creative with the bunny coloring sheet and chickie Dot Dot sheet. Use markers and crayons to fill in the bunny. Use Dot Dot markers to fill in the chickie. For building pincher strength, use small stickers to fill in the chickie Dot Dot sheet. This is great for building finger strength and precision skills.

Free April Worksheets for Preschool Coloring SHeet Rabbit
Free April Worksheets for Preschool Chickie Dot Dot Sheet

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