FREE November Activity Pack for Preschool

Download your FREE November Activity Pack for Preschool! This pack is full of great preschool turkey activities and November themes. Use a variety of materials for sensory exploration like markers, crayons, cotton balls, and watercolors. Download a free and easy take-home game for your little ones to celebrate the season of giving. Be sure to have fun with these unique November themed preschool activities and don’t forget to ask questions along the way to build new vocabulary! If you had a turkey, what would you name him? What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?

Free November Activity Pack for Preschool
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Tons of Preschool Fall Fun!

First, have fun with these Fall preschool themes! Use Dot Dot markers to fill in the acorn. As an alternative, to build pincher strength, use small stickers and place in each circle. The peel and stick motion is great for building finger strength! Next, another great activity for building fine motor skills is the Fall Cotton Ball activity. Place one cotton ball into each cloud and soon you will have a fluffy, puffy sky! This is a great sensory activity. One of my favorite activities for preschoolers in this pack is the “Circle and Triangle Turkeys!”. Follow the color key and practice identifying shapes.

free November Activity Pack for Preschool
Free November Activity Pack for Preschool

FREE Take-Home “What’s Missing Game”

Next, the “What’s Missing Game” is one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities for preschool! Cut out all 8 images along with the instructions and laminate. You can fit everything into a Ziploc bag and give as a take-home gift for your little ones. To play the game, look at all of the pictures. Have you little ones name each one. Then, lay all of the pictures down except for one. Can you remember which one is missing? This is a super fun memory game. Laminating makes this game last forever! Check out a great laminator that I personally use here.

Free November Activity Pack for Preschool

Turkey Printables!

Next, have fun with these preschool turkey printables. The large shapes makes this sheet ideal for watercolors! Use the color of the week, or get mixing and create tons of bright colors. The “Let’s Meet the Turkeys!” activity sheet is perfect for building pre-writing skills. Use a crayon or marker to trace each sharp or curved line. Then, get building your own turkey! Cut out the feathers at the bottom of the page, then glue each one into a rectangular box. Don’t forget to color him in!

Free November Activity Pack for Preschool

Finally, build those fine motor skills with “The Same Same Game!” activity sheet. Cut out the pictures from page 2 and then glue each picture under its matching partner. If you are working with toddlers, you can have the pictures pre-cut, so your little ones can stay focused on identifying the pictures. This is a great chance to build vocabulary by asking questions. Do you like macaroni and cheese? Where would we go to find an acorn?

Free November Activity Pack for Preschool

Click below to download your FREE November Activity Pack for Preschool!

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