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FREE August Activity Pack for Preschool

Print your Free August Worksheets for Preschool below! This activity pack comes with tons of fun animal themed printables. A lot of little ones are heading to preschool programs for the first time in August and I always find animals to be calming and friendly. My goal is to have this activity pack build fine motor skills while welcoming children into a safe and fun learning environment. Don’t forget to print your Free Summer Worksheets for Preschool for more seasonal fun!

FREE August Activity Pack for Preschool

First, have fun with a Hollydog coloring sheet! Don’t forget to check out “My Hollydog Rides in the Car”. It’s an awesome picture book for preschool and illustrated by yours truly! It’s written by my mom, Charise Leemis, and specifically for ages 2-5! Next, check out the elephant Dot Dot sheet. Remember, if you want to try something different, you can always bring small stickers to the activity. Have your little ones peel and stick one sticker into each circle. This is great for building pincher strength!

FREE August Activity Pack for Preschool

These next two activity sheets are great for cutting and pasting! If you are working with very little ones, have the pieces pre-cut so all they have to do is glue. The grizzly bear puzzle is tons of fun because each piece is numbered. Simply match each number to its column and see a beautiful picture of the grizzly in his natural habitat.

FREE August Activity Pack for Preschool

The “Animal Color Match!” is another fun animal theme activity sheet. Have your little ones match the colors and then talk about what animals you see. This is a great time to talk about how the different animals move. One hops, one swims, and one walks.

Click below to download your FREE August Activity Pack for Preschool.

Picnic Theme Printables for Preschool!

Have fun celebrating the end of Summer with a Picnic Theme Printable Pack. Have fun learning food vocabulary words, Dot Doting hotdogs, and tracing the letter P.

Farm Worksheets!

Check out this 10-pack of Farm Worksheets for Preschool! Learn about farm animals, farmers, tractors, barns, and more!

Farm Crafts for Pre-K!

Print free cutouts for 5 different farm animal paper plate crafts! Make your own unique pig, cow, rooster, sheep, or horse!

Did you enjoy this August Activity Pack? See all 12 monthly preschool themes for fun all year long! Be sure to check out the FREE September Activity Pack for Preschool for more fun!

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