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Bunny Craft for Preschool (with free cutouts!)!

Check out this exciting Bunny Craft for Preschool (with free cutouts!). Have fun with watercolors and paint your bunny any color you like! You can make this craft as easy or challenging as you want depending on your age group. Print out your bunny cutouts onto cardstock paper and add extra embellishments to make the craft super fun! Build fine motor skills and vocabulary!

Bunny Craft for Preschool!
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Materials Needed:

paper plate/watercolors

scissors/glue stick

Free Bunny Cutouts (print below)

cotton balls/cardstock paper

Step 1: Gather your bunny craft supplies! Grab any extra embellishments you like including pom poms, glitter, Dot Dot markers, and whatever else you find! Be sure to print your bunny cutouts onto cardstock paper. Next, pick your favorite watercolor color and fill in your bunny! I decided on blue.

Bunny Craft Materials
Paper Plate with Watercolors
Blue Bunny Cutouts

Step 2: Once your pieces are dry, use scissors to cut out your bunny cutouts. If you are working with very little ones, you can have these pieces pre-cut. Use a glue stick to paste your pieces onto the paper plate. Next, add your bunny tail! Use three cotton balls and glue them in a clump to the top of your paper plate.

Bunny put together
Bunny Tail with Cotton Balls

Step 3: Finally, add embellishments you like! I decided to add some gold glitter. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while they complete the craft. What do bunnies look like? Do they have fur? Where do they live? Use this time to build vocabulary and social skills.

Bunny Craft for Preschool!
Bunny Craft for Preschool!

Bunny Craft for Preschool!

Congratulations! Your bunny is ready for the fridge! Be sure to hang your new bunny somewhere that needs a bit of bunny cheer! Check out the Polar Bear Craft for another exciting animal activity!

Bunny Craft for Preschool!

Click below to print your bunny craft cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Bunny Craft for Preschool! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts for more fun ideas! 

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