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Baby Chick Easter Craft for Preschool!

Get ready for this super cute Baby Chick Easter Craft for Preschool! Whether you’re looking for a spring craft or Easter craft, this baby chick will have your crafters building their vocabulary, boosting fine motor skills, and looking forward to the warm weather ahead! Print your free baby chick craft cutouts below!

Baby Chick Easter Craft for Preschool!
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Materials Needed:

a paper plate/yellow paint

glue stick/cardstock paper/scissors

free baby chick craft cutouts (print below!)

Cute Easter Craft for Preschool!

Step 1: Gather your materials! Print your baby chick cutouts onto cardstock paper. The cutouts come in color or in black and white. Looking for another awesome Easter craft? Check out the Bunny Craft for Kids!

Baby Chick Easter Craft Supplies
baby chick cutouts

Step 2: Get painting! Have your little ones use either a sponge or foam brush to cover the paper plate with yellow paint! If you don’t want to get too messy, watercolors or Dot Dot markers can also work great for filling in your baby chick! Next, cut your paper plate in half with a zig zag style.

yellow sponge painting
yellow sponge
paper plate zig zag cut
glitter for the egg shell

Step 3: Once you cut your paper plate in half, decorate your egg shell any way you like! I decided to go with glitter. Remember, you can use stickers, pom poms, markers, crayons, Dot Dot markers, or stamps to make your egg shell beautiful! The last step is to glue your pieces together!

glitter on paper plate
baby chick cutouts glued together

Show Off Your Handmade Paper Plate Chick!

Don’t forget to give your chick a name! Use this time crafting to ask your little ones questions. What sounds do baby chicks make? Do their feathers feel soft? What color is your baby chick?

Finshed Baby Chick Easter Craft
Easter Craft for Preschool! A Super Cute Baby Chick!

Easter Books for Preschool

Check out these great Easter books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to boost vocabulary skills, build a social bond, and discover potential interests! The first two books are great for learning about Jesus’ amazing love! Read What is Easter?, Easter is Coming, and How to Catch the Easter Bunny.

"What is Easter?"
"Easter is Coming"
"How to Catch the Easter Bunny"

Click below to print your free baby chick cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Baby Chick Easter Craft for Preschool! Head to our Spring Crafts Page for great seasonal themes. Be sure to check out our entire Printable Craft Library for tons of ways to boost your creativity!

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