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Frog Theme Preschool Lesson Plan! Frogs, Flies, and more!

Take a look at the Frog Theme Preschool Lesson Plan! Frogs, Flies, and more! Download 7 FREE frog worksheets for preschool in the activity pack below. Build fine motor skills and boost creativity while learning about frogs. Next, have fun with the Frog Craft for Preschool. Finally, check out some great picture books for storytime! We have some great recommendations for learning about this little green amphibian.

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Frog Theme Worksheets

Check out these three great cut and paste worksheets for preschool. The Fly Match is great for learning numbers. Cut out the flies at the bottom of the page and glue them to their matching number. Next, have fun shadow matching. Match each picture to its same shadow. The frog puzzle is tons of fun! Cut out the pieces at the bottom of the page and match each number to its partner. Talk about what’s in the picture as it emerges.

Frog Activities for Preschoolers

Next, check out these great interactive sheets! In the Eye Spy 10 Frogs Worksheet, use a marker to circle each frog. To build pincher strength, use stickers! Have your little one peel and stick one sticker onto each frog. Learn your shapes in the Circle and Rectangle Frogs Worksheet. Color each circle green and each rectangle black.

Boost Creativity!

Finally, get creative with a frog coloring sheet and a frog Dot Dot sheet. Use crayons, markers, or watercolors to color in the frog in his natural habitat. For the Dot Dot sheet, use Dot Dot markers! This is also another great chance to use markers to build pincher strength. Place one sticker into each circle. Have you ever tried nuudles? Well, they go great with Dot Dot sheet. Stick one nuudle into each circle.

Click below to download your FREE Frog Theme Preschool Worksheets!

Frog Craft for Preschool

After you’ve completed the Frog Worksheets for Preschool, get ready to make an awesome frog craft! This craft is great for talking about frogs! What do they eat? Where do they live? Have you ever touched a frog? This craft is great for learning colors red and green!

Frog Theme Preschool Lesson Plan

Materials Needed:

paper plate, red construction paper

googly eyes, red kwik stix

green watercolor

glue/ scissors/ sharpie

Step 1: Gather your supplies! Use the red kwik stix to fill in one side of the paper plate.

Step 2: Flip your paper plate over and use the green watercolor to fill it in. Use your scissors to cut out a strip from the red construction paper and wrap it around your finger to make it curly.

Step 3: Fold the paper plate in half and glue two googly eyes onto the green side. Next, open up the paper plate and glue the red strip of construction paper to the red side. Use a black sharpie and add two small dots for the frog’s nose.

Step 4: Put your awesome paper plate frog in a spot that needs some brightening! What is your frog’s name?

Frog Books for Preschool

Check out these great frog picture books for storytime!

Check out “Frog on a Log” by Kes Gray and Jim Field. The illustrations in this book are awesome! Cat tells Frog to sit on a log, but he doesn’t feel like it. Cat explains that it doesn’t matter how he feels, that’s just the way it goes. “Cats sit on mats. Hares sit on chairs. Mules sit on stools.” Follow along in this great rhyming book as Frog asks questions about all kinds of animals. Read to the very end to find out what dogs sit on…

Purchase “Frog on a Log?” from and support local bookstores.

“I Don’t Want To Be A Frog” written by Dev Patty and illustrated by Mike Boldt is great for learning about these little green creatures. Frog decides that he doesn’t want to be a frog anymore, he’s too wet and slimy. He can’t be an owl because he doesn’t have any wings and he can’t be a rabbit because he doesn’t have long ears. There are some good things about being a frog though, read to the end to find out the best reason!

Purchase “I Don’t Want To Be A Frog” from and support local bookstores.

“The Icky Sticky Frog” written by Dawn Bentley and illustrated by Salina Yoon is a wonderful simple picture book for early preschool. Follow around a big frog as he slurps up flies, beetles, grasshoppers, and more! Do you think anything will slurp up the frog? Read to the end to find out!

Purchase “The Icky Sticky Frog” for an exciting frog adventure!

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