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Free Pet Coloring Pages!

Check out these super fun Free Pet Coloring Pages! Have fun with this pack when learning all about pets! Have fun coloring dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, goldfish, and more! This coloring sheet pack goes great with a pet theme lesson plan. Have your little ones bring in photos of their own pets, and talk about them! Don’t forget to talk about the responsibilities of having a pet. Print all 10 coloring sheets below!

Free Pet Coloring Pages!
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Pet Coloring Pages for Kids!

Be sure to ask your little ones questions while coloring in the pets! What does your pet eat? Where does your pet sleep? Do you walk outside with your pet? Is your pet big or small? Does your pet have a leash? Have fun with markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in each coloring sheet! Color in a Pet Parrot Coloring Page, a Hamster Coloring Page, and Puppy Dog Coloring Page.

Free Pet Coloring Pages! Boy with bird
Free Pet Coloring Pages! girl with dog

Pet Theme for Preschool!

Get creative with your favorite colors and fill in 3 dogs at the dog park and a pet tortoise! How many legs does your pet have? Does your pet have a tail? Don’t forget that watercolors are also an awesome medium to use with your Tortoise Coloring Page and Dog Park Coloring Page.

Free Pet Coloring Pages! Fun at the Dog Park

Pet Coloring Sheets!

Complete your pack with a Bunny Coloring Page, Cat Coloring Page, Lizard Coloring Page, and Goldfish Coloring Page! If your little one has a cat, be sure to check out cat coloring pages for 10 pages of cat coloring fun! Check out Cute Animal Coloring Sheets to color some more awesome animals that might be too big to keep as pets. Don’t forget, National Pet Day is April 11th. Celebrate and get coloring!

Free Pet Coloring Pages!

Click below to print your Free Pet Coloring Pages!

Great Pet Books for Preschoolers!

Are you looking for some great Pet Books for Preschool? Check out three of my recommendations!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Pet Coloring Pages! Be sure to check out all of the Coloring Page Packs for tons of fun! Head to our Free Preschool Printable Library to see the entire library of free printables.

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