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Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids (with free cutouts!)

Check out this awesome Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids (with free cutouts!). This fall craft is perfect for building fine motor skills and getting creative! Print out colored pieces, or black & white to color in yourself. Remember, your little ones’ scarecrows will be a bit haphazard and uniquely theirs. Be present in the process to assist with stapling and gluing. Adapt this craft to your age group! Make it as challenging or easy as you like!

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids
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Materials Needed:

brown paper lunch bag


free printable scarecrow cutouts (print below!)


Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft!

Step 1: Gather your supplies! I found the straw at Michael’s, you can also order from Amazon. Before the craft begins, draw a smile onto your brown paper bag with a sharpie. I also drew a dotted line at the top of the bag to mark the fold. This way your crafters know to glue their scarecrow cutouts below that line. Use scissors to cut out your scarecrow pieces and glue them onto the paper bag!

Scarecrow Craft Materials
Paper Bag with Smile and Dotted Line
Cutouts on Paper Bag

Step 2: Fill your paper bag with straw! Make it as full as you like. Once your bag filled to your liking, fold the top of the bag over and use a stapler to connect both sides together. Some of your straw may poke through, that’s great!

Straw in Paper Bag
Paper Bag Being Stapled

Step 3: Use glue and roll the top of your scarecrow in the straw. Now he has some hair! Staple your hat over the hair, and don’t forget to add your black crow wherever you like.

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids with straw
Hat Stapled to Top of Bag
Crow Cutout

Scarecrow Craft for Kids!

Don’t forget to give your scarecrow a name! Be sure to put him somewhere that needs a bit of fall cheer! This craft is great for gross motor (putting straw into the paper bag) and fine motor (cutting and pasting the scarecrow cutouts). Adapt this craft to your specific age group. Have pieces pre-cut, or have an adult help gluing the straw to the top of the bag. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids
Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids

Print below to print your Free Scarecrow Craft Cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids! Be sure to check out our entire Preschool Craft Library. Check out the Acorn Craft for Preschool for another awesome fall craft!

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