All About ME! Preschool Lesson Plan

Come check out the All About Me!” Preschool Lesson Plan. Download your FREE activity pack which is perfect for the first day of preschool, or the beginning of a pre-k summer program. Next, create your own mirror with aluminum foil and a popsicle stick, never forget how special and unique you are! This craft is great for building fine motor skills and self esteem. Finally, check out two books for circle time. “All by Myself” by Mercer Mayer is perfect for ages 2-3, and my personal favorite, “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” is great for ages 4-5!

All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan
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The All About Me Preschool Activity Pack

Preview these awesome activities, then download the All About Me Preschool Theme Printables for FREE below!

Print out the “My First Day of Preschool” page to take a picture with your children or students on their first day of preschool or summer pre-k program!

All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan

Have your little ones and their parents fill out this “All About Me!” sheet! Its got great questions unique to each little one.

All About Me Preschool Printable

The “Color Your Way to School” activity sheet is great for beginning a new school year! Match each color and make your way to school!

The “My Favorite Things!” activity sheet is great for learning all about your little ones! Have them color in their favorite things and get to know each other better!

All About Me Preschool Printable

The “This is Me” activity sheet is great for drawing a picture of yourself! Color your face, hair, and t-shirt. This is my favorite All About Me preschool worksheet!

All About Me Preschool Printable

Color in your own backpack! “What Color is Your Backpack?” is great for the first day of preschool! Get excited to learn!

Click the button below to download your FREE All About Me Activity Pack!

All About Me Preschool Craft

This mirror craft for preschool is perfect for welcoming your little ones into the classroom. Let them know how special and unique they are in this creative craft. Make this activity super simple for age 2-3 by already having the aluminum foil and paper cut. Decorating your own personal mirror is tons of fun. Use crayons, pom poms, stickers, etc. to build fine motor skills and remember how special each one of us is!

Step 1: Gather your materials! If you are working with ages 2-3, have your paper and aluminum foil precut. Have your saying, “You are Special” or “You are Smart” written at the bottom. If you are working with ages 4-5, you can have them glue the foil to the paper. This is a great new texture to work with! I cut my cardstock paper in half, then cut my aluminum foil into 4 inch by 5 inch squares.

All ABout Me Preschool Lesson Plan

Step 2: Write your words at the bottom of the foil, then simply cut off the excess paper. Again, if you are working with a young age, you may want to have this prepared before craft time.

All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan

Step 3: Decorate! This part is the most fun! Have crayons, markers, stickers, pom poms, whatever you find that you think would be good for your little ones. Does your classroom have a theme for the year? Find something related! Add your popsicle stick to the back of your mirror when finished decorating.

All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan

All About Me Preschool Craft

Step 4: Take a step back and look at how beautiful and special you are in your brand new mirror! This is my favorite of the All About Me Preschool Crafts.

All About Me Preschool Craft

Preschool All About Me Books!

The beginning of preschool, or a new school year is so exciting! Check out these two book recommendations for circle time to go with the All About Me theme! My first book is called “All by Myself” by Mercer Mayer. This book is perfect for ages 2-3. It is super simple, with one sentence per page. Follow along with little critter as he does many things by himself and asserts his new found independence!

"All By Myself" by Mercer Mayer

My second book is called, “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” by Kevin Henkes. This is a personal favorite of mine from childhood. This book is all about Lilly! We get to see the little mouse’s personality, favorite activities, and her brand new purple plastic purse! The book teaches an important lesson about being unique and remembering that being a part of the community means being respectful and kind.

"Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" by Kevin Henkes

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