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“All About ME!” Free Printable Preschool Activities

Introducing our exciting new “All About Me!” Free Printable Preschool Activities, designed to engage and empower young learners as they explore their unique personalities! From fun coloring pages that encourage artistic expression to “My Favorites” worksheets that help children share their favorite things, this back-to-school pack is sure to be a big hit! Print your “My First Day of Preschool!” sign to take a photo of your little one as they begin the big day!

"All About ME!" Free Printable Activities
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All About Me Preschool Signs

Print your “My First Day of Preschool!” sign for your preschoolers. Print your sign onto cardstock paper and take a photo of your little ones to celebrate the big day! Next, print your “All About Me!” questionnaire. Help your little ones answer some fun questions about themselves like: “My favorite animal is…”, “My favorite color is…”, “My birthday is…”, etc. Hang your “All About Me!” banners on the wall for everyone to see!

My First Day of Preschool Printable Sign
All About Me Questionnaire

It’s always fun to commemorate the first week of preschool with some handprints! Print your Preschool Handprints Page onto cardstock paper and use washable paint to print each child’s hands. Be sure to remind your little ones that they are smart, kind, and brave. Next, fill in your All About Me Worksheet. In the “That’s Me!” box, have your little ones draw a self-portrait, or staple a recent photo.

first day of school handprint
All About Me Worksheet

All About Me Preschool Activities

I LOVE the “My Favorite Things!” Worksheets. The “My Favorite Things!” worksheets are great for identifying objects, practicing vocabulary, and coloring in the item you like best! Once the sheet is completed, take a poll in the class. Let’s see who likes the same things! If you like both things equally, go ahead and color in both!

My Favorite Things Worksheet for Preschool
My Favorite Things Worksheet for Preschoolers

All About ME Coloring Pages

Have your preschoolers get creative with a Self-Portrait Coloring Page. This is a great chance for each child to draw their eyes, hair, face, and pick their favorite color for their t-shirt! Once completed, hang them all on the bulletin board! Next, color in your backpack. Use markers, crayons, stickers, and Dot Dot markers!

Preschool Self-Portrait Worksheet
Backpack Coloring Page

Free Back-to-School Bookmarks!

Be sure to print out all 16 back-to-school bookmarks! Have your little ones color in their own bookmark, or print out the colored versions to laminate as a “welcome to the classroom” gift!

Bookmarks for Preschool

All About ME Preschool Craft

Materials Needed: cardstock paper, aluminum foil, stickers/pom poms/crayons, glue, scissors, popsicle stick

This All About Me Preschool Craft will be a huge hit with your little ones! First, print your “You are Special” mirror template onto cardstock paper. Next, cut out a square of tin foil and glue it to the center of your cutout. Have your little ones use markers, crayons, stickers, pom poms, etc. to decorate the mirror’s frame. Finally, glue a popsicle stick to the back of your mirror.

Mirror Craft Supplies
Mirror Craft with Tin Foil

Once your craft is completed, have each child say one thing that they like about themselves! This craft can be hung in each child’s cubby to remind them every morning that they are special and loved.

Mirror Craft for Preschool
Mirror Craft, You are Special!

Preschool Books on All About ME!

The beginning of preschool is so exciting! Check out some great reads to start off the year! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build vocabulary skills, build a social connection, and discover potential interests! Read “All By Myself”, “Chrysanthemum”, and “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse”.

"All By Myself"
"Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse"

Click below to print your “All About ME!” Free Printable Preschool Activities!

We hope you enjoyed these “All About ME!” Free Printable Preschool Activities! Be sure to check out the Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan for even more fun!

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