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Apple Craft for Preschool (with free apple templates)

Check out this awesome Apple Craft for Preschool! Have fun learning about the art of collage and learning about the colors of the rainbow! Print out your free apple templates and get creating! Use tissue paper to make a suncatcher shine through the apple template. Build fine motor skills and boost creativity with this awesome apple activity! Print out your 4 free apple templates below.

Apple Craft for Preschool
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Materials needed:

scissors/colorful tissue paper squares/contact paper/cardstock paper

Free Apple Templates (print below!)

Apple Craft for Preschool!

Step 1: Gather your materials! Print out your apple template onto cardstock paper. Print out your favorite color (green, yellow, red) or black and white to color in yourself! Fold the apple in half on the dotted line and use scissors to cut out the middle. This part of the craft can be pre-cut by the teacher. Be sure to try Apple Painting Process Art to keep the creativity flowing!

apple craft materials
apple folded in half
apple with center cut out

Step 2: Cut out the contact paper and stick it to the front of the apple. Lay the apple face down and stick little tissue paper squares to the back. Feel free to pick your favorite color tissue paper and cut it into squares. A really simple thing to do is buy pre-cut tissue paper squares and then it’s already done for you!

contact paper cut out
contact paper on the apple
tissue paper squares on the contact paper

Step 3: Laminate your apple! This step is optional. You can leave you apple as is, or if you laminate the apple it will last for a full season on the bulletin board. This is a great craft for learning about apples. When completing the craft talk about the parts of an apple. Can you see the stem, leaf, skin, and core?

Apple Craft for Preschool
Apple Craft for Preschool

Apple Activity for Preschool

Hang your completed apple craft in the window to bring some colorful cheer to everyone around! Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing this craft. What color apple is your favorite? What does an apple taste like? Does an apple have seeds inside? Why not grab and apple and take a look? Print Apple Worksheets for more apple fun!

Apple Craft for Preschool

Click below to print your Free Apple Templates!

We hope you enjoyed this Apple Craft! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts for more creative fun!

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