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Fun Apple Painting Process Art for Kids!

Come get your creativity flowing with this Fun Apple Painting Process Art for Kids! This activity is great for preschool and Kindergarten when learning about apples or doing fall crafts. Slicing up apples and using them as stamps is a great way to build fine motor skills, boost color recognition skills, and learn apple vocabulary words. Painting with apples is always a huge hit!

Apple Painting Process Art for Kids!
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What are the benefits of painting with apples?

Apple painting engages multiple senses, allowing your little ones to explore the texture, smell, and taste of the apples while experiencing the sensation of painting with them. This sensory engagement is perfect for building for their cognitive development. This activity creates an environment for talking about colors. Be sure to ask your little ones what color paint is on each plate. You can even experiment with mixing colors together!

Whether they’re stamping, rolling, or dipping apples in paint, your little ones will be able to express themselves creatively and use their imagination! Apple painting enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Holding, manipulating, and maneuvering the apple slices for painting refines their dexterity.

Apple Stamping (green and pink)

How do you cut apples for painting?

My favorite way to cut apples for painting is to cut the apple right in half, so you have one top half with the stem, and one bottom half. These halves create a cool star shape in the middle with the seeds. Apple wedges are a great way to cut your apples too. Be sure to check out Apple Worksheets for Preschool to continue with an apple theme.

apple cut in half for painting
apple wedges cut for painting

Apple Painting for Kids!

Once you’ve got your apples cut, stick a fork right in the middle of each apple. Have your little ones pick up each apple slice with the fork, dip in paint, then stamp onto their paper. Remember, use a thick cardstock paper for your apple stamping. I used honey crisp and granny seed apples for my painting, they seemed the sturdiest. Make your own Apple Sun Catcher to get creative with an apple craft.

pink apple painting
yellow apple wedges, red apple halves

Be sure to show off your apple artwork once dry! Did any seeds make it into your painting? Did any of your colors mix together? What was your favorite apple shape? Be sure to talk about apple vocabulary while completing this fun activity. Can you identify the apple skin, seeds, flesh, core, stem, and leaf?

Apple Painting Stamping
Apple Painting Art

Printable Parts of an Apple Poster

Be sure to print your free Parts of an Apple Poster and Worksheet. Print and laminate your apple poster to aid in learning the apple vocabulary words. When engaging with the apple activity see if you can find all the parts of the apple. Print your Apple Coloring Pages for more creative fun!

Apple Theme Books for Kids

A great way to wait for your paint to dry is to pick up a great apple book! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build vocabulary skills, discover potential interests, and boost imagination! Read Apples for Everyone, Applesauce Day, and Secrets of the Apple Tree.

"Apples for Everyone"
"Applesauce Day"
"Secrets of the Apple Tree"

Click below to print your Free Parts of an Apple Worksheet and Poster!

We hope you enjoyed Fun Apple Painting Process Art for Kids! Head to the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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