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Free Plant Coloring Pages!

Check out these exciting Free Plant Coloring Pages! Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in some beautiful plants found in nature! Color in a Venus Fly Trap, several succulents, daisies, cacti, house plants, and more! Pick your favorite plant and get creative! These coloring pages go great with a nature theme or the color green theme. Print out all 10 plant coloring pages below!

Free Plant Coloring Pages
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Plant Coloring Pages!

Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in your plant coloring pages! First check out this awesome Venus Fly Trap coloring page! Don’t forget to color in the 2 flies! Next, color in a variety of succulents in a glass container. Finally, use beautiful colors to fill in your daisy coloring sheet.

venus fly trap coloring page
succulents coloring page
daisies coloring page

Plant Activities!

Color in a cactus coloring page, a leafy plant, and two plants on a stand. Mix and match colors. If you are working with little ones. Be sure to ask questions about plants during the activity. Do you water plants? What do plants need to survive? Do you have a favorite kind of flower or leaf?

cactus coloring page
house plant coloring page
plant stand coloring page

House Plant Coloring Pages!

If you are using these plants coloring pages for preschool, be sure to take a walk around the classroom or the house. What plants do you see? What are their names? How do they feel? What color are they? Taking a field trip to a botanical garden is another awesome activity that can really add to the plant experience!

Click below to print your Free Plant Coloring Pages!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Plant Coloring Pages! Be sure to check out all of the Coloring Page Packs for tons of fun! Check out Sloth Coloring Sheets for more nature coloring! Head to our Free Preschool Printable Library to see the entire library of free printables.

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