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Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft for Kids! (with free cutouts)

Check out this awesome Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft for Kids! (with free cutouts). Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an awesome craft that builds fine motor skills and boosts creativity. Create your own leprechaun for good luck! Have fun with orange paint, glitter, and more! Adapt the craft to your age group and make it as easy or challenging as you like. If you are working with older kids, they can draw their own face. Print your free cutouts below!

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft
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Materials Needed:

scissors/glue stick

orange paint/sponge

glitter/cardstock paper

leprechaun cutouts (print for free below!)

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft!

Step 1: Gather your materials! Print your free leprechaun craft cutouts onto cardstock paper. Print in color or in black & white. Be sure to get any embellishments you like: glitter, Dot Dots for cheeks, googly eyes. If your little ones are in a creative mood, have them draw their own face! Make the craft your own! Use scissors to cut out your craft pieces.

leprechaun craft supplies
leprechaun craft cutouts

Step 2: Time for sponge painting an orange beard! Use any sponge you have handy and dip it into your orange paint. Glue your leprechaun’s face to the paper plate, then sponge paint all around your leprechaun’s face.

sponge painting paper plate
Orange sponge painting

Step 3: Glue the ears and hat to the paper plate. Time for embellishments! I decided to add some glitter to my leprechaun’s beard. After all, they are magical beings! Be sure to use this time during the craft to talk about leprechauns! Leprechauns are small in size and prone to mischief. It is said that they inhabited the land of Ireland long before humans arrived. Leprechauns are known for their love of money. If you are kind to them they will be generous to you!

glue stick
leprechaun glitter beard

Leprechaun Craft for Kids!

Be sure to hang your leprechaun somewhere that needs a bit of luck! Remember, take your time when doing the craft. It’s about the process, not the finished product. Everyone’s leprechaun will look different and unique! Check out the Rainbow Craft for another great craft for St. Patty’s Day!

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft

Click below to print your free leprechaun craft cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed the Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft for Kids! Head to our Spring Crafts Page for great seasonal themes. Be sure to check out our entire Printable Craft Library for tons of ways to boost your creativity!

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