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The Rainbow Cloud Craftivity!

The Rainbow Cloud Craftivity is one of my favorite craftivities so far, and not only because it’s an awesome rainbow. Throughout this craftivity we learn about colors. The different materials awaken our sense of touch and we have a two-part fine motor skills building process! This craftivity seriously packs a power punch! Make this craft when learning about the weather, Earth Day, or just for fun!

Rainbow Cloud Pre-K Craft
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Materials Needed:

paper plate

colors of the rainbow felt strips

cotton balls


glue & scissors

Begin Your Rainbow Craft!

Step 1: Gather all of your materials and cut your paper plate in half. I saw people doing this craft with construction paper, which is totally fine, but I decided to use felt because it has that extra sensory element to it, plus at my local art shop, it was only 75 cents per felt sheet!

Step 2: Before you give the materials to your little ones, use markers to mark the back of the plate with dots of color. This will indicate to them where they are meant to glue each felt strip. I got fancy and made circles of colors, but if you are preparing this for a class, make it easy on yourself and make a squiggle or line with each color.

Step 3: Cut your felt colors into strips. A good measure is about 1 inch wide per color. Now, you have everything prepped for the activity!

Step 4: Have your little ones glue each felt strip that matches the circle or squiggle of color. This is a great time to talk about the names of each color, and what are some objects that have the same color.

Step 5: This is my favorite part! Flip the plate over and have your little ones glue the cotton balls to the paper plate, and remember to have fun! Don’t worry if the rainbow looks wonky. It’s all about the process for our little ones.

Show Off Your Handmade Rainbow

Step 6: Hang your rainbow somewhere that needs a little bit of color. Aren’t we blessed to have so many beautiful colors? Which is your favorite?

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Head to the March Activity Pack to download your FREE rainbow coloring sheet!

Rainbow Coloring Sheet

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