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Free Printable Sloth Coloring Pages!

Check out these FREE Printable Sloth Coloring Pages for Preschool! Who doesn’t love a good, slow-moving sloth? Have fun with these coloring pages when you’re learning all about these sluggish tree-dwellers. Have fun with markers, crayons, and watercolors when filling in each free coloring page. Use these sheets when learning about the zoo or when working with an animal theme lesson plan. Get creative and download all 10 sheets below!

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Cute Sloth Coloring Pages

Are you ready to learn some fun facts about sloths? Check it out!

Sloths like to hang upside-down!

Sloths like to eat leaves and some fruits.

Sloths live in the trees.

Sloth Balloon Coloring Page

Sloth Activities for Preschool!

Don’t forget that Kwik Stix are great to use when getting creative with these coloring sheets. Other great materials include markers, crayons, and watercolors. Enjoy coloring sloths in their natural environment with leaves, branches, flowers, and fruits. Color in a mama sloth and her little one, a sloth eating a watermelon, and a sloth moving slowly in the trees.

Sloth Face Coloring Page

Sloth Coloring Sheets

Check out some more fun sloth facts! Be sure to head to the zoo to see one of these magical creatures in person! Be sure to ask your little ones questions when completing the pack. What does a sloth look like? What does it sound like?

Sloths move very slowly (about 1 foot per minute)!

Sloths sleep 10 hours a day.

The sloth’s long claws help him to grip the tree branches.

Free Sloth Coloring Pages

Click below to download your FREE Printable Sloth Coloring Pages!

We hope you enjoyed these sloth coloring pages! Be sure to check out all of the Coloring Page Packs for tons of fun! Check out Cat Coloring Sheets for another great animal theme pack. Head to our Free Preschool Printable Library to see the entire library of free printables.

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