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Free Cute Animal Coloring Pages!

Take a look at these Free Cute Animal Coloring Pages! These coloring pages are great for learning about animals, the zoo, and nature! Print out this 10-pack and color in your favorite animals including a dolphin, alligator, lion, giraffe, elephant, flamingo, turtle, panda bear, zebra, and monkey. Have fun with these animal coloring pages to print at home or in the classroom. See all 10 printables below!

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Animal Coloring Pages!

Have fun with markers, crayons, and watercolors when filling in these cute animal coloring pages. Get creative with a giraffe coloring sheet, panda bear coloring sheet, and lion coloring sheet. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while coloring in the pages. What does your favorite animal look like? Sound like? Feel like? How many legs does your favorite animal have?

Giraffe Coloring Page
Panda Bear Coloring Page
Lion Coloring Page

Animal Activities!

Next, use your favorite colors in the flamingo coloring sheet, dolphin coloring sheet, and zebra coloring sheet. Remember, to build pincher strength, you can use stickers or pom poms to add to the decoration. Does you animal walk on the land, or swim in the water?

Flamingo Coloring Page, free cute animal coloring pages!
Dolphin Coloring Page, cute animal coloring pages!
Zebra Coloring Page, cute animal coloring pages!

Animal Coloring Pages for Kids!

Finally, have fun with the monkey coloring sheet, turtle coloring sheet, elephant coloring sheet, and alligator coloring sheet. Break out this pack when you’re learning about animals or when you’re headed to the zoo! Check out Sloth Coloring Sheets for another great animal theme pack.

Free Cute Animal Coloring Pages!

Click below to print your Free Animal Coloring Pages!

Animal Poster!

Be sure to check out this awesome animal poster on Society6 to hang on the wall at home, or in the classroom! This color blocking style will bring a bit of fun to your room!

We hope you enjoyed these Cute Animal Coloring Pages! Be sure to check out all of the Coloring Page Packs for tons of fun! Head to our Free Preschool Printable Library to see the entire library of free printables.

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