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Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids!

Check out some exciting Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids! Have fun coloring in turkeys and delicious foods, plus write down some things that you are thankful for this season. Break out your markers and crayons to make these sheets uniquely your own! Print all 10 Thanksgiving coloring pages below!

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids!
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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages!

Turkey time is here! Use markers and crayons to color in your Thanksgiving coloring pages. Use this time to talk about the things that you are thankful for this season. Is there a person, an experience, or an item you are grateful for? How can we show gratitude to our friends and family? Be sure to check out Thanksgiving Worksheets for Preschool for more fun and learning!

Thanksgiving Treats Coloring Page
Thanksgiving Treats Coloring Page
"I am Thankful for..." Coloring Page
“I am Thankful for…” Coloring Page
"I am Thankful for YOU" Coloring Page
“I Am Thankful for YOU” Coloring Page
Turkey Day Coloring Page
Turkey Day Coloring Page

Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is full of wonderful company and great food! Do you have a favorite food you like to eat on Thanksgiving? Have fun coloring in pie, vegetables, a big turkey, macaroni, and pumpkins. Be sure to check out Fruit and Vegetable Coloring Pages for more food coloring fun!

4 Turkeys Coloring Pages
4 Turkeys Coloring Page
Give Thanks Coloring Page
“Give Thanks” Coloring Page
Turkey Coloring Page
Turkey Coloring Page
Give Thanks with Hearts Coloring Page
“Give Thanks” with Hearts Coloring Page

Coloring Page Supplies

Get your supplies! Grab Confetti Crayons and Glitter Markers to make your coloring pages extra fun! Don’t forget that Kwik Stix are great to use when getting creative with these coloring sheets. Other great materials include markerscrayons, and watercolors. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the sheets to build vocabulary and a social connection.

Confetti Crayons
Metallic Markers
Paint Sticks

Turkey Day Preschool Activities

Engaging with markers and crayons is a great way for your little ones to build fine motor skills. A great way to build pincher skills is to use some stickers with your coloring pages. The peel and stick motion builds the strength of the thumb and forefinger. If you love turkeys, then be sure to check out Cute Animal Coloring Pages for even more animal fun!

Thanksgiving Food Coloring Page
Thanksgiving Food Coloring Page
Pie Time Coloring Page
Pie Time Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Books for Preschool

Check out some great books to read with your little ones that celebrate the season of giving! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social bond, boost vocabulary skills, and discover potential interests! Read “Bear Says Thanks”, “God Gave Us Thankful Hearts”, and “How to Catch a Turkey”.

"Bear Says Thanks"
"God Gave Us Thankful Hearts"
"How to Catch a Turkey"

Click below to print your Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids!

Head to the entire Coloring Pages Library to keep using those markers and crayons. For preschool activities with cut & paste, tracing, matching, and more head to the Preschool Printable Library.

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