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7 Different Ways to Use Your Coloring Sheets

When it comes to coloring sheets and Dot Dot sheets sometimes it feels like we do the same thing again and again. Markers and crayons are great, but did you know that there are a few other things you can do to mix up the routine? Not only that, but when you use materials like stickers and stamps you help your little ones strengthen their pincher fingers! Check out 7 different ways to use your coloring sheets with these creative ideas!

7 Different Ways to Use Your Coloring Sheets for Pre-K
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  1. Q-tip painting! Q-tip painting is a great way to build fine motor skills. Mix together a few colors, and have your little one use a Q-tip to dip into the paint and then on to their paper.
q-tip painting coloring sheet

2. Stamping! Did you know you can get tons of tiny stamps from the Dollar Store/Michaels/Amazon pretty cheaply? There are even themed bundles! Have your little ones fill in their coloring sheet or Dot Dot sheet with these stamps. Build up strength and coordination!

stamping pre-k coloring sheet

3. Stickering! Another awesome way to fill in a coloring/ Dot Dot sheet is to sticker it! Get sheets of small stickers and have your little ones fill in the page. This allows them to strengthen their pinchers and work on coordination.

4. Water coloring! I find this one to be awesome and often forgotten. Water coloring is great because it isn’t quite as messy as paint, and it allows your little ones to mix new colors. It boosts creativity through the roof! Woohoo!

water colored coloring sheet for pre-k

5. Puffy Painting! Puffy Painting is one of my favorite things! This is a fun way to mix, create colors, and build fine motors skills. This paint is super easy to make and tons of fun! Seriously, this is one of my favorites! Get the recipe here!

6. Glow in the Dark vibes! Check out this Etsy Shop with cool glow in the dark stickers. Use these to fill in one of your coloring sheets for an extra sense of awe!

7. Nuudles! Nuudles are another one of my favorite things! I don’t have a picture of our craft, BUT it’s in the video below! Using water and nuudles to fill in your sheet is a great two-step process that builds coordination.

Watch our video below to see how cool Nuudles can be!

Are you ready to try out some of these techniques? Guess what?! All of these sheets can be found in the shop! Check out Hollydog Numbers 1-10, the “My Hollydog” Coloring Book, and the “My Hollydog” Dot Dot Book.

Have fun trying out all 7 different ways to use your coloring sheets!

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