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Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids!

Check out these exciting Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids! Use markers and crayons to make your pictures bright and colorful! Remember, the first Friday in June is National Donut Day! Color in donuts, sprinkles, frosting, milk, the letter “D” is for Donut, and more! Print all 10 coloring sheets below!

Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids
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Donut Coloring Pages!

Check out delicious donut coloring pages for kids! Engaging with coloring pages is a great way to build fine motor skills through the use of markers and crayons! Color in a giant donut, donuts spelling out “love”, coffee and donuts, plus chocolate milk and a fun donut snack! Be sure to print Ice-Cream Coloring Pages for another delicious coloring theme!

Love Donuts Coloring Page
Love Donuts Coloring Page
Giant Donut Coloring Page
Giant Donut Coloring Page
D is for Donut Coloring Page
Donut Box Coloring Page
Chocolate Milk and Donuts Coloring Page
Chocolate Milk and Donuts Coloring Page

Fun Donut Coloring Sheets

Add stickers as one of your materials to decorate your pictures. This peel and stick motion is great for building pincher strength! One of my favorite sheets in the pack is the unicorn donut!

Happy Donuts Coloring Page
Happy Donuts Coloring Page
Unicorn Theme Donut
Unicorn Doughnut Coloring Page
YUM! Donut Coloring Page
Yum Donut Coloring Page
Coffee and Donuts Coloring Page
Coffee and Doughnuts Coloring Page

Coloring Page Supplies

Get your supplies! Grab Confetti Crayons and Glitter Markers to make your coloring pages extra fun! Don’t forget that Kwik Stix are great to use when getting creative with these coloring sheets. Other great materials include markerscrayons, and watercolors. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the sheets to build vocabulary and a social connection.

Confetti Crayons
Metallic Markers
Paint Sticks

Donut Activities for Kids

Be sure to talk with your little ones while completing the sheets. What is your favorite kind of donut? Do donuts have frosting or sprinkles? Do donuts taste sweet or sour? For a super fun activity, go on an adventure to get a donut! Let it inspire your coloring!

Party Donuts Coloring Page
Party Donuts Coloring Page
Classic Donut Template
Classic Donut Template

Donut Books for Preschool

Check out some great donut books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social bond, boost vocabulary skills, and discover potential interests! Read “If You Give A Dog A Donut”, “Dozens of Doughnuts”, and “Hello, Arnie!”

"If you give a dog a donut"
"Dozens of Doughnuts"
"Hello, Arnie!"

Click below to print your Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids!

We hope you enjoyed your Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids! Be sure to check out the Coloring Page Library for tons of printable coloring pages! Head to the Preschool Printables Library for tons of fun and learning!

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