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Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan! Pandas, monkeys, and more!

Check out this awesome Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan! Download all 7 printable worksheets for preschool in the Zoo Activity Pack, then get crafty and make your very own panda by fork painting, finally take a look at three awesome zoo picture books that are perfect for a zoo themed story time! These free preschool printables aim at building fine motor skills and boosting creativity. Learn new zoo vocabulary by asking questions about the pictures during each activity. See our awesome zoo activities for preschoolers below!

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Zoo Theme Printables for Preschool

Build fine motor skills by cutting and pasting. Cut and paste each animal to its matching shadow in the Animal Shadows worksheet, then cut and paste each puzzle piece to its matching number and complete the Monkey See, Monkey Do puzzle.

Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan
Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan

Next, have fun being creative with crayons! Learn your shapes by coloring in each turtle to match the color key at the top of the page. For ovals use purple, for squares use green. Use crayons and markers to draw your favorite zoo animal and to color in the zoo coloring sheet.

Next, build pincher skills with these two great interactive worksheets! Use glue to stick one cotton ball onto each circle in the Sheep Cotton Ball Worksheet. When it comes to the owl, use Dot Dot markers to place one dot in each circle. For additional pincher strength building use stickers! Peel and stick one sticker into each circle. Have you tried out nuudles? They’re awesome and great for building fine motor skills! Stick one nuudle into each circle!

Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan

A Day at the Zoo Matching Game

Be sure to download the A Day at the Zoo Matching Game! Print the pieces on cardstock paper. Regular printer paper will be too se through! If you laminate the pieces and put them in a bag, this zoo theme activity can be played again and again!

Preschool Zoo Theme Matching Game
Preschool Zoo theme lesson plan

Download your Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan Pack below!

Zoo Craft for Preschool!

After you’ve completed your free zoo theme activity pack, be sure to gather your supplies for this exciting panda bear craft for preschool! Creating this zoo craft is a great opportunity to have your little ones try painting with a fork! Adventure into this textured painting style while talking about the fluffy white fur of the panda bear! Hang your panda somewhere that needs a bit of fun!

Preschool Zoo Theme Craft

Materials Needed:

scissors/glue, washable white paint

black construction paper & purple construction paper

forks, googly eyes, sharpie

Step 1: Gather your supplies! Use a pencil to draw a circle in the middle of the paper. Next, have your little ones fill the inside of the circle with white paint. Dip the fork into the white paint and press it anywhere inside the circle. Talk about the texture created. Is it smooth or rough?

Step 2: Cut out two circles and two half-moons from the black construction paper with your scissors. If you are working with ages 2-3, you can have these pieces pre-cut. Have your little ones glue them to the paper as eyes and ears. Add the googly eyes to go on top of the black circles. I got gigantic googly eyes for this craft. This bigger the better!

Step 3: Finally, add a black nose cut out of the black construction paper. Write your panda’s name or a fun fact with the sharpie at the bottom of the page. Did you know, pandas eat bamboo? Hang your zoo craft somewhere that needs some animal fun!

Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan

Zoo Books for Storytime!

When it comes to storytime, check out one of these great zoo picture books!

Come read “Neck and Neck” a picture book by Elise Parsley. This book is great for ages 4 and up. A giraffe named Leopold is the most loved giraffe in the zoo until he sees a large giraffe balloon floating past his head taking away all the attention! Come find out how Leopold schemes to get rid of the giraffe balloon and discover a beautiful story of doing the right thing even when it’s hard.

Purchase “Neck and Neck” from and support local bookstores.

“The Animals at the Zoo” written by Jolas Wittler and illustrated by Kama Towcik is great for ages 3 and up. This book is perfect for exploring the zoo! Come see different animals, explore the zoo snacks, the zoo playground, and more! This book is wonderful for building vocabulary and asking your little ones questions about the zoo!

Purchase “The Animals at the Zoo” from and support local bookstores.

Check out “Who Has These Feet?” written by Laura Hulbert and illustrated by Erik Brooks. This book is great for ages 3 and up. Each page has a picture of an animal’s feet. Could it be a bear or a tiger? Flip the page to see what animal it is and learn a fun fact about the animal!

Purchase “Who Has These Feet?” from and support local bookstores.

Did you enjoy this Preschool Zoo Theme Lesson Plan? Be sure to check out the All About Me! Preschool Lesson Plan! for more fun and learning.

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