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Hi there, I’m Amanda!

I have been an artist/illustrator for the past 6 years and am the founder of The Hollydog Blog! In 2013, I graduated with distinction from Indiana University with a degree in general studies, and a minor in dance and a minor in religious studies.

Throughout my life, I have loved working with children. In South Africa of 2012, I volunteered with ages 3-5 in an educare program, I loved it so much that I went back to study at the University of Cape town for my final semester of college. In Vietnam, of 2019, I taught English to children and adults as a second language. Whether it’s playing with my nieces and nephew, volunteering with Sunday school, or teaching in a classroom, I love seeing little ones pick up new skills and expand their love of books and imagination.

About the Hollydog Blog
About The Hollydog Blog

My Mom, Charise Leemis, is my amazing partner in our mother/daughter team! She has a bachelors of arts from Wheaton College and has been teaching toddlers-4-year-olds in Memphis, Tennessee for the past 12 years!

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During the pandemic, I began creating worksheets for my mom’s 2-year-old class. Remote learning was difficult for such a young age, and my mom had great ideas for take-home activity packets. We began to build off of our Hollydog books, and soon we had several activities.

This experience led me to start The Hollydog Blog, where I can share free resources for both stay-at-home parents, and teachers. My mom is a huge help to me when it comes to creating activity sheets. Her teaching experience of 12 years gives her expert knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to building fine motor skills. She guides me with new ideas, and I bring them to life with my illustrations.

Charise Leemis, author of "My Hollydog".
Charise Leemis at St. Agnes St. Dominic's School.

My mission is to bring parents and teachers art-based ideas to engage with their little ones at home or in the classroom. Engaging activity sheets build fine motor skills, boost creativity, and expand vocabulary!

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About ME
About ME