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Amanda Leemis

My name is Amanda, I have a general studies degree from Indiana University and have spent time working with pre-k in Vietnam, South Africa, and right here in America. In South Africa of 2012, I volunteered with ages 3-5 in an educare program, I loved it so much that I went back to study at the University of Cape town for my final semester of college. In Vietnam, of 2019, I taught English to children and adults as a second language.

Whether it’s playing with my nieces and nephew, volunteering with Sunday school, or teaching in a classroom, I love seeing little ones pick up new skills and expand their love of learning.

Contact me amanda [at] thehollydogblog [dot] com

Lead Contributor

Claire Law

Claire Law is our fantastic Lead Contributor covering a range of preschool topics including self-esteem, social/emotional learning, and fostering creativity. Claire has a background of almost 20 years of teaching experience. She now works as a relational psychotherapist, writer and trainer. Claire is passionate about supporting children’s and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.


Charise Leemis

Charise Leemis is our Outreach Coordinator, plus my wonderful mom! Each year she engages with Project Night Night and puts together Hollydog bags for the shelter. She has a bachelors of arts from Wheaton College and has been teaching toddlers through 4-year-olds for the past 12 years. She currently works with ages 2-3 at St. Agnes Academy- St. Dominic School in Memphis, TN.

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Who is Hollydog?

Hollydog came into being when she was most needed, during the pandemic! Hollydog features in our books as a fun-loving, yet nervous dog. While sometimes things may frighten this puppy, it doesn’t stop her from building courage and sticking beside her best friends.

Remote learning for 3-5 year-olds seemed impossible during the pandemic, but my mom was determined to keep her little ones learning during that difficult time. She had me illustrate simple worksheets that she could copy and print to send home in take-home packets.

I decided to expand my reach by starting a website. I soon learned that more and more people were printing my worksheets. Creating free resources that build fine motor skills and boost creativity is my passion. Hollydog is the official mascot of the site!

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I am an affiliate of Bookshop, Etsy, and Amazon which means when you purchase an item through a link on my site, I take a commission of that sale.

If you have questions about how to print our worksheets, or what software works best with our printables, see our Hollydog FAQ Page.