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Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft!

Check out this awesome Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Preschool! This turkey craft is perfect for preschool because it focuses on individual creativity. There is only one piece that requires cutting, and you can pick either a black and white, or a full color turkey craft template. This sponge painting process art craft boosts creativity and the end result will be different for each child. It’s tons of fun and perfect for November!

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Materials Needed:


paper plate

paint (yellow, red, brown, orange)

scissors & glue stick

googly eyes (for extra fun!)

Turkey Craft for Preschool!

Step 1: Gather your materials together. There are two different kinds of turkeys in the cutout pack from which to choose. One page is black and white, so your little ones can have extra fun coloring in the turkey, and one page is colored already, so all you have to do is cut and paste. Grab some cheap sponges and cut them into small/medium pieces. Squirt your paint colors out onto different paper plates and have a sponge to go with each color.

sponge painting
cut out sponges
paint colors

Step 2: Dip your sponge into the paint and transfer it to the paper plate. Do this until the whole plate is covered. You can have fun mixing colors together and exploring how things look different when you press the sponge onto the plate verses slide the sponge.

sponge painting

Step 3: Use your scissors to cut out your turkey! You can have the turkey piece pre-cut if you are working with very little ones, or you can have each child cut out their own! Use a glue stick and paste him onto the plate. Why not give your turkey a name? Be sure to share your amazing turkey with the people you love! Stick him on the mantle or put him in a place that needs Thanksgiving cheer! The Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft is great for November fun! For extra holiday cheer, you can glue googly eyes onto your turkey!

Thankful Turkey Craft!

Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft
Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft

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