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Make Your Own Turkey Craft for Preschool!

Check out this awesome Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Preschool! This turkey craft is perfect for preschool because it focuses on individual creativity. There is only one piece that requires cutting, and you can pick either a black and white, or a full color turkey craft template. This sponge painting process art craft boosts creativity and the end result will be different for each child. It’s tons of fun and perfect for November!

Make Your Own Turkey Craft for Preschool
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Turkey Craft for Preschool!

Materials Needed: paper plate/scissors/glue stick/tissue paper squares/free turkey cutouts

Step 1: Print your free turkey cutouts onto cardstock paper. There are many ways your can fill in your paper plate. I chose to use tissue paper squares, but you can also have fun with sponge painting, fork painting, or use watercolors. Use whichever materials that are best for your little ones. I used a glue stick to paste my tissue paper squares to the plate.

Turkey Cutouts
Paper plate with tissue paper squares

Step 2: Cut out your turkey head and use markers or crayons to color in your bird! My bird has blue hair! Once colored in, use a glue stick to paste his head to the paper plate! Hanging your turkeys on a bulletin board makes for one cheerful November display!

pink, yellow, and orange tissue paper squares
turkey cutout colored in
turkey with glue stick
completed make your own turkey craft for preschool

Fun Turkey Books for Preschool!

Read a fun turkey book to go along with your turkey paper plate craft activity. Reading with your little ones is a great way to boost vocabulary skills, build a social bond, and discover potential interests! Read “Turkey Trouble”, “A Turkey for Thanksgiving”, and “How to Catch a Turkey”.

"Turkey Trouble"
"A Turkey for Thanksgiving"
"How to Catch a Turkey"

Print your Turkey Craft for Preschool Cutouts below!

We hope you enjoyed this Make Your Own Turkey Craft for Preschool! Check out more Fall Crafts to keep the seasonal fun going!

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