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Fun Ladybug Craft for Preschool!

Get ready to build fine motor skills with this Fun Ladybug Craft for Preschool! This craft is great for learning about the color red! Have fun with Dot Dot markers and sponge painting. Print out your ladybug cutouts for free below!

fun ladybug craft for kids
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Materials Needed:

paper plate/cardstock paper/scissors/glue stick

red paint/sponge/black Dot Dot marker

Fun Ladybug Craft for Preschool!

Step 1: Gather your ladybug craft supplies. Print your ladybug cutouts in color or in black & white onto cardstock paper. Use scissors to cut out your pieces! Be sure to check out the Bee Craft for another fun bug activity!

ladybug craft supplies
ladybug cutouts

Step 2: Next, paint your paper plate red! I decided to sponge paint, but you can also use markers, crayons, or watercolors to keep things less messy. This step can be as simple as you like.

sponge painting with red paint
paper plate painted red

Step 3: Next, cut a small triangle at the bottom of your paper plate. This will give your ladybug wings! Use a glue stick to glue your cutouts to the paper plate.

cutout for wings
ladybug pieces glued to paper plate

Step 4: This is the fun part! Grab a black Dot Dot marker and put dots onto your ladybug’s wings! You can use black circle stickers as an alternative if your aim is to build pincher strength. The peel and stick motion is great for building the strength of the thumb and forefinger.

black dot dot marker
dotting the ladybugs wings

Show Off Your Ladybug!

You ladybug is ready for its closeup! Be sure to hang your ladybug somewhere that needs a bit of cheer! Don’t forget to give your ladybug a name! Be sure to check out the Butterfly Craft for another great spring activity!

cute ladybug craft complete!
ladybug craft for preschool

Ladybug Books for Preschool

Check out these cute ladybug books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to boost vocabulary skills, build a social bond, and discover potential interests! Read Are you a Ladybug?, The Very Lazy Ladybug, and Lily the Ladybug.

"Are You A Ladybug?"
"The Very Lazy Ladybug"
"Lily the Ladybug"

Click below to print your Free Ladybug Craft Cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Fun Ladybug Craft for Preschool! Head to Spring Crafts to see some great activities to celebrate the changing season. Check out our entire Printable Craft Library to find just the craft you need.

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