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Summer Worksheets for Preschool!

Take a look at these awesome Summer Worksheets for Preschool! Complete these sheets when you need some summer fun! Learn vocabulary words like: lightning bug, butterfly, sunglasses, watermelon, and popsicle. This pack is great for building pincher strength and building fine motor skills! Download all 10 free preschool printables! After completing the pack, head outside for some summertime adventures!

Summer Worksheets for Preschool
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Summer Worksheets for Preschool!

Take a look at 3 of my favorite summer worksheets! First, identify circles and squares with the “Circle and Square Lightning Bugs!” worksheet. Color each circle yellow and each square orange. Next, discover what the summertime snack will be in the color matching puzzle. Glue each piece to its matching circle of color. The “Summer Counting!” worksheet is great for counting numbers 1-5. Cut out the numbers at the bottom of the page and glue each number to its matching row.

Circle and Square Coloring Summer Worksheet for Preschool
Summer Worksheets for Preschool Puzzle
Counting Numbers 1-5

Summer Activities for Preschool

Have fun with the S tracing sheet. Trace it, circle it, color it! Next, can you find all 10 lightning bugs? Circle each one, or place a sticker onto each one that you find. Using small stickers is a great way to build pincher strength! Next, cut out the sunglasses at the bottom of the page and sort the sunglasses into their matching color column. Sort colors blue, yellow, and orange!

Letter S Tracing Sheet
Eye Spy 10 Lightning Bugs Summertime Worksheet
Color Sort Summer Worksheet for Preschool

Summertime Worksheets

These Summer Worksheets for preschool will boost creativity and build fine motor skills. Have fun with Dot Dot markers, crayons, watercolors, markers, and more! Pick out your favorite colors to fill in the lightning bug coloring page. Then, use a Dot Dot marker and place one dot onto each letter S. Remember to ask your little ones questions while completing the pack. What’s you favorite thing about summertime? Have you ever caught a lightning bug? What’s your favorite summertime snack?

Summer Worksheets for Preschool

Click below to download your Summer Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Summer Worksheets for Preschool. See all of our Themed Worksheet Packs to build fine motor skills. The Watermelon Theme Pack is another great worksheet pack that is perfect for summertime!

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