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Free Printable Bookmarks to Color!

Check out these super fun Free Printable Bookmarks to Color! Make reading even more fun by having your little ones color in their own bookmark. Pick your favorite bookmark and get coloring! Use markers, crayons, or watercolors to get creative. Be sure to laminate your bookmarks so they last through tons of books! Print out the colored in bookmarks if you are a teacher and want to simply print, laminate, and gift! These bookmarks are great for back-to-school!

Free Printable Bookmarks for Preschool!
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Printable Bookmarks!

This printable pack comes with 16 printable bookmark designs! Color in animal bookmarks, “I Love Reading!” bookmarks, space bookmarks, adventure bookmarks, and more! Print your bookmarks onto cardstock paper for the best results. Remember to laminate your bookmarks to keep them lasting through tons of books! These colored bookmarks are great to add in a gift bag, or to welcome your little ones into the classroom.

Preschool Bookmarks: animals, rocket ship, robots
Preschool Bookmakrs: Hollydog, turtles, "I LOVE READING"

Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in your favorite bookmarks. This is a great time to ask your little ones questions about their favorite books. What book is your favorite, and why? Who is your favorite book character? What is their name? This is also a great activity for National Book Month in October, or Read a New Book Month in December. Check out the All About Me Preschool Pack for tons of back-to-school fun!

Black & White Booksmarks to Color
Black and White Bookmarks to Color

Back-to-School Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be enjoyable gifts for preschoolers because they: foster a love for reading by making books more appealing and exciting, encourage creativity through personalization and decoration, improve fine motor skills as children learn to slide the bookmark between pages, teach organization and responsibility as kids learn to keep their books in good condition, promote reading comprehension by helping children remember and pick up from where they left off in a story.

Bookmarks: animals, sloth, space
Bookmarks: monster, flowers, school supplies
Black & White Bookmarks
Black and White Bookmarks

Color Your Own Bookmark!

Make reading fun with your own personalized bookmark! Take a look at our colored bookmarks that are printed and laminated! Use these bookmarks as a party favor, a “welcome to the classroom” gift, or as a way to get creative! You may even see the Hollydog!

Free Printable Bookmarks for Color
Free Printable Bookmarks to Color

Click below to print your Free Printable Bookmarks!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Printable Bookmarks to Color! Be sure to head to the Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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  2. I love these simple and colourful bookmarks. I have used them for my students who designed “World Book Day” posters, as an incentive. I tried making my own bookmarks for them, but they were depressingly bad. I am relieved to have found something that the students liked.

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