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Red Color Activities and Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these awesome Red Color Activities and Worksheets for Preschool! Build fine motor skills and learn all about the color red. Trace, color, and match with 9 different color activities. Print out your flower template and have fun fingerprinting the flower with red paint. Sing a song about the word red and use markers and crayons to create some awesome “red” artwork. See all 9 free printables below!

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Red Color Worksheets!

First, learn all about the color red in the “Color, Trace, and Match!” worksheet. Color the pictures with a red crayon, trace the dotted word, “red”, then match each picture to its shadow! Be sure to talk with your little ones about the names of each picture. Next, have fun with a cut and paste puzzle! Use scissors to cut out the pieces and use a glue stick to paste each piece to its matching number. What red animal do you see? Finally, have fun with the red eye spy sheet! Circle each red robin that you see! To build pincher strength, use small stickers. Peel and stick one sticker onto each robin.

red eye spy
red letter matching sheet

Red Color Activities!

Check out these 2 awesome Red Color Activities. First, print out your flower template onto cardstock paper. Have your little ones dip their finger into red paint and dot the flower petals. Print out a template for each color (all on the blog!) and create an end of the year color book as a keepsake. Next, learn to spell the color red with a fun song!

red dot dot page
red tracing sheet

Red Worksheets for Preschool!

Put together a red color puzzle. Match each number to its same partner and see what brown animal appears! Trace the word “red” with a marker or crayon and color in the pictures red. Have fun with a cut and paste activity and spell out the word red while matching each letter to its same partner.

red coloring page

Color Activities for Preschool

A great way to learn about colors is through hands-on learning activities! Check out two great color activities that your little ones are sure to love!

I LOVE these potato stamp ladybugs! Celebrate the color red by making your own ladybug art! Grab yourself a potato, cut it in half, dip it in some red paint, and get stamping! This craft is also a great way of showing kids your can have a brush or stamp made from almost anything!

Paper Towel Painting is a great way to show your little ones what happens when you start mixing colors together! Use watercolors and paint onto a paper towel. See what happens as you experiment with mixing different colors together.

Books About the Color Red for Preschool

Check out some awesome books to get your little ones thinking about the color red. Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social connection, build vocabulary skills, and discover potential interests! Read “The Red Book” and “Red”. Heads-up! “Red” has no words, just beautiful illustrations! Don’t worry, the illustrations prompt lots of questions to get your little ones thinking.

Click below to print your Free Red Color Activities and Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Red Color Activities and Worksheets for Preschool! Check out Purple Color Activities next! Be sure to check out all of the Colors of the Rainbow Printables!

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