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Free Color Flashcards for Preschool!

Check out these super fun Free Color Flashcards for Preschool! Print your color flashcards onto cardstock paper and laminate them to keep them long-lasting! These cards are great for playing games with and great for learning fun vocabulary words. The pack contains 11 colors, plus a fun rainbow card! Print all 12 color flashcards below!

Free Color Flashcards for Preschool
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Color Flashcards for Preschool

This flashcard pack includes twelve colors: red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, white, and rainbow! I have not included indigo and violet, colors that are in the rainbow spectrum, just to keep things simple when learning basic colors for the very first time. Each flashcard comes with the color name, it’s squiggle of color, and then an image that represents the color.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Color Flashcards for Preschool
Blue, Purple, Pink, Black Color Flashcards for Preschool

Remember to print your color chart and color wheel to keep handy when learning your colors! It’s always good to have a visual reference to hang on the wall. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while using you chart and flashcards. What is your favorite color? Is there anything in the room that is that same color? How does that color make you feel?

Brown, White, Rainbow, and Gray Color Flashcards
Orange Color Flashcard with Fox

Fun and Easy Color Games

Check out three super fun games to play with your new flashcards! These games not only help preschoolers learn about colors but also enhance their observation, matching, and sorting skills!

  • Color Matching Game:
    • Spread out the color flashcards face-up on a flat surface.
    • Give your preschooler an object or item that is the same color as one of the flashcards (e.g., a red toy for the red flashcard).
    • Encourage them to find the matching flashcard and place the object on top of it.
    • Continue until all the flashcards have a matching item.
Purple is a jellyfish and hippo!
  • Color Memory Game:
    • Print and laminate two sets of color flashcards.
    • Lay three or four pairs of color cards face down on the table.
    • Have your little ones take turns flipping over two cards at a time to see if they get a match. If the cards don’t match turn them back to being face down. Can you remember where a match might be?
    • Be sure to talk about the image on the card and say the color name out loud.
Color Flashcards Matching Game
  • Color Sorting and Patterning:
    • Lay out a few color flashcards in a row with different colors.
    • Provide a set of small objects or toys in various colors (e.g., building blocks, buttons, or colored beads).
    • Ask your child to sort the objects into piles based on the colors of the flashcards.
    • After sorting, you can encourage them to create simple patterns using the objects. For example, red-blue-red-blue or yellow-green-yellow-green.
orange and green pom pom sort

Things to Sort: pom poms, Legos, blocks, bows, pipe cleaners, M & M’s, Skittles, colored noodles

Click below to print your Free Color Flashcards for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed your Free Color Flashcards for Preschool! Head to the Colors of the Rainbow Library for tons of color specific learning! Check out the Preschool Printable Library for even more fun and learning!

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