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Free Preschool Dot Dot Marker Printables by Color

Print your Free Preschool Dot Dot Marker Printables by Color! This pack comes with 10 Dot Dot sheets including colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and gray. Use Dot Dot markers to match the color on each sheet. This pack is great for learning colors and building fine motor skills. This pack is Hollydog themed! Don’t forget to grab your copy of “My Hollydog Rides in the Car” for extra fun!

Free Preschool Dot Dot Marker Printables by Color
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Dot Dot Marker Printables!

Have fun with Dot Dot markers and learn all the colors of the rainbow! Dot Dot markers are not only fun, but they are great for building hand strength and hand-eye coordination skills. Talk with your little ones about each color. Use this time to look around the room. Do you see anything that matches the color of your Dot Dot marker and sheet? Which color is your favorite?

Red Dot Dot Sheet
Blue Dot Dot Sheet

Colors of the Rainbow Dot Dot Sheets

Want another fun idea to try with your new Dot Dot sheets? Try Q-tip painting! It’s tons of fun, and again, builds fine motor skills. Pick out the paint color that matches the sheet of your choosing. Use one end of the Q-tip and dip it into the paint. Then place a dot in one of the circles on the sheet. Do this until each circle has a dot of color inside. The cool thing about Q-tip painting is it’s not as messy as fully breaking out all the paints!

Orange Dot Dot Sheet
Pink Dot Dot Sheet

Preschool Printables!

There are so many ways to use your Dot Dot sheets! Be sure to check out 7 Different Ways to Use Your Coloring Sheets for even more ideas! Mini stamps, nuudles, and puffy paint are all great ways to explore your little one’s creativity! Use small stickers to build pincher strength.

Free Preschool Dot Dot Marker Printables by Color

My Hollydog Rides in the Car

Don’t forget that these free Dot Dot sheets go with the book, “My Hollydog Rides in the Car”! This picture book is perfect for pre-k! With one sentence per page, your little ones will get to know the Hollydog. She loves exploring and loves her humans. Come along for a fun adventure!

My Hollydog Children's Book

Click below to print your Free Preschool Dot Dot Marker Printables by Color!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Dot Dot Marker Printables for Preschool! Be sure to check out all of the Colors of the Rainbow Printables to learn each individual color!

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