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Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets (1-10)

Download your FREE Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets (1-10) below! The repetitive action of tracing numbers builds hand strength and muscle memory. The more you practice the better you get! There are three activity packs to choose from, each with a different theme including robots, pizza, and owls. Color in the number and images at the top of the page, then trace the shape of that specific number. Count out loud with your little ones as you complete the worksheets. Be sure to ask questions along the way to build vocabulary.

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FREE Number Tracing Worksheets

These number tracing worksheets are robot themed! Download your free worksheets, numbers 1-10! Color in the number and the robots next to it. Get creative and use markers and crayons to color in the pictures! These counting worksheets for preschool are easy to download and print with zero prep time. Ask simple questions along the way to get your little ones thinking about numbers. How many eyes do you have? How many noses do you have? Do you have five fingers on one hand?

Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets
Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets

Click below to download your FREE Number Tracing Worksheets for Preschool!

Themed Number Packs!

Guess what? There are two more themes to pick from! Download the pizza theme and owl theme for free! The more practice the better! Trace the dotted lines after each number and color in the pictures at the top with markers or crayons.

FREE Pizza Theme Number Tracing Worksheets! Numbers 1-10

Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets

FREE Owl Theme Number Tracing Worksheets! Numbers 1-10

Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets

In the mood for more number fun? Be sure to check out the “My Hollydog” Big Numbers 1-10. This pack is great for using watercolors to fill in each giant number! Browse all Math Worksheets for Preschool.

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