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Fun Counting Activity for Preschool: Hungry, Hungry Hollydog

Come discover this Fun Counting Activity for Preschool: Hungry, Hungry Hollydog. This game is perfect for counting numbers 1-10. Print your free number cards, Hollydog face, and pepperoni. Take turns counting the number on each card, and feeding Hollydog her pepperoni treats!

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Counting Activity for Preschool

You will need: cardstock paper, a square tissue box, laminator (scissors and tape)

Print your counting cards, Hollydog face, and pepperoni onto cardstock paper. Laminate your counting cards and pepperoni to keep the game long-lasting. Fold your Hollydog face in half (she’s symmetrical) and cut out her mouth.

Use tape to stick her face to a square tissue box. Pull out the tissue and plastic wrap around the hole, then line up her mouth, and tape her face to the tissue box. Now, you’re ready to count!

Hollydog Counting Game 1-6
Hollydog Counting Activity 7-10
Hollydog Face Cutout
Pepperoni Cutouts

How to play the game: Turn all of your counting cards face down on the table. Each child gets a turn to pick a card. What ever number is on the card is how many pepperoni Hollydog gets to eat. Each card says, “Hollydog is ready to eat! How many pepperoni will she have as a treat?” A number is shown below the text, plus a representation of the number of pepperoni.

counting card number 8 for the preschool counting activity
counting cards 1-10 for the preschool counting activity
tissue box with Hollydog attached
Hollydog attached to tissue box

Hungry, Hungry Hollydog!

Your Hollydog is ready for her pepperoni treats! This game is a great way to spend time with your little ones, or a great way to start the morning in the classroom. Mr. Rogers always went to feed the fish, maybe you can start each morning by giving Hollydog her treats.

Counting Activity for Preschool! Hungry, Hungry Hollydog!
Counting Activity for Preschool, Hollydog!

Print your free Hungry Hungry Hollydog counting pieces below!

We hope you enjoyed this Fun Counting Activity for Preschool: Hungry, Hungry Hollydog! To review your numbers, check out Number Worksheets for Preschool. Head to the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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