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Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets!

Check out these Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets! Sometimes our little ones get advanced! If your little ones are ready to move past the number 10, then let the learning blast off with numbers 10-20! Tracing is a great way to build hand strength and repetitive tracing is a great way to build muscle memory. Print these free number tracing worksheets below!

Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets!
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Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets!

Whoa! That’s a lot of numbers! Tracing numbers is a great way to increase hand strength and build muscle memory. Use a marker or pencil to trace each number. Be sure to count the stars next to each number. Encourage your little ones to take their time when completing the number tracing sheets. Slow and steady will lead to beautiful penmanship in the future! These sheets work as a great assessment to see which numbers can be identified and where the learning process can begin. Be sure to check out our individual number tracing sheets to build you way to these advanced numbers.

Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets! 1-10
Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets! 11-20

Tracing Numbers Preschool

Next, print 4 worksheets where you can trace numbers 1-20. Each page contains 5 numbers to trace. Be sure to count the number of stars below each number. Another awesome thing you can do with these sheets is to print (with cardstock paper) and laminate them. Use dry erase markers and have your little ones trace the numbers. When they’re finished, simply wipe down the page and reuse as many times as you like. Check out Free Printable Missing Numbers Worksheets for Preschool! (1-20).These math worksheets for preschool are great for identifying numbers in a sequence.


Number Tracing Worksheets 1-20

Finally, have fun tracing large numbers 1-20. Use this worksheet to build fine motor skills by grasping a marker or pencil and to learn number recognition through tracing. Be sure to say each number aloud with your little ones when completing the sheet. You can also ask questions about the numbers. How many fingers do you have on one hand? How many desks do you see in the room? How many ears do you have?

Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets!

Click below to print your Free Number 1-20 Tracing Worksheets!

Numbers 1-20 Counting Books for Preschool

Tracing is great, but let’s face it sometimes it gets boring. Be sure to check out these counting books that are sure to liven things up! Count all the way to 20 in both books! Read “Monster Counting Book 1 to 20” and “Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles”.

We hope you enjoyed these Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets! In the mood for more number fun? Browse all Math Worksheets for Preschool.

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