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Free Letter Tracing Sheets for Preschool!

Check out these awesome Free Letter Tracing Sheets for Preschool! Practice tracing a large version of the uppercase and lowercase letter, then practice tracing the letter on dotted lines. Next, have fun in the eye spy box. Circle each matching main letter that you see. Hint: there are 10 matching letters in each box (5 uppercase and 5 lowercase). Finally, color in the picture at the top of the page that represents each letter. Have fun with letters A-Z!

Letter Tracing Sheets
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Letter Tracing Worksheets!

Check out letters A, B, and C! A is for Astronaut. B is for Backpack. C is for Cactus. Follow the directions on each letter tracing sheet. “Trace it, circle it, color it.” Remember to ask your little ones questions while completing the activity. Does anyone’s name begin with the letter on the worksheet? Is there anything else in the room that begins with that same letter?

A Letter Tracing Sheet
B Letter Tracing Sheet
C Letter Tracing Sheet

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Next, have fun tracing letters D, E, and F. D is for Dog. E is for Earth. F is for Fish. Continue with the alphabet! G is for Giraffe. H is for Happy. I is for Ice-cream. Repetitive tracing is great for building muscle memory and hand strength. By seeking each letter in the eye spy box, letter recognition skills grow! Coloring in the image at the top of the sheet boosts creativity and gets the little ones thinking about what things begin with that same letter.

D Letter Tracing Sheet
E Letter Tracing Sheet
F Letter Tracing Sheet

Tracing Letters A-Z!

Use markers or crayons (I’m a huge fan of the glitter crayons!) for coloring and tracing the letters in each worksheet. Another great way to build pincher strength is to use small stickers. Have your little ones place one sticker onto each letter that they see in the eye spy box. This will make the activity even more fun, plus you will be building finger strength! J is for Jellyfish. K is for Kite. L is for Llama. M is for Mountains. N is for Noodles. O is for Owl.

Free Printable Preschool Worksheets

Let’s keep tracing! P is for Panda. Q is for Queen. R is for Rainbow. S is for Seashells. T is for Toucan. U is for Umbrella. Want another great idea? Laminate the sheets! Have your little ones use dry erase markers to trace each letter. Clean up is super easy, and stickers can be easily pealed off. V is for Volcano. W is for Waffles. X is for X Marks the Spot. Y is for Yo-yo. Z is for Zebra. Have tons of fun with these letter tracing worksheets for preschool. Build hand strength, pincher skills, and boost creativity. Be sure to build vocabulary by asking questions while completing the sheets, and don’t forget to laminate for extra fun and multiple use.

Z Tracing Sheet

Click below to download your FREE Letter Tracing Sheets for Preschool!

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