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FREE Printable Alphabet Chart!

Print a Free Printable Alphabet Chart for Preschool! Learning the alphabet is an exciting challenge for our littlest learners. Make the process easier with your very own alphabet chart! Each letter is written with both the capital and lowercase letter. Underneath each letter is a picture that begins with that same letter. Find out 3 different ways to make use of this awesome printable chart. Be sure to laminate your alphabet chart with pictures, so you can use it again and again!

Free Printable Alphabet Chart!
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Free Alphabet Chart Printable

Print 2 different versions of the My Alphabet Chart for Preschool! One chart has a white background and one has fun pastel overlapping colors. The objects in the chart are diverse, so you will have tons to talk about! There are food drawings, which gets us talking about our favorite tastes, animal drawings, which gets us talking about colors and textures, and musical instruments, which gets us talking about sounds! Trust me, there’s a ton you can do with this chart besides keeping it up on the wall.

My Alphabet Chart
My Alphabet Chart with Colors

This Alphabet Chart includes: A is for apple, B is for bee, C is for cupcake, D is for dog, E is for elephant, F is for fire, G is for guitar, H is for hotdog, I is for igloo, J is for jellyfish, K is for kite, L is for lion, M is for monster, N is for noodles, O is for octopus, P is for popcorn, Q is for question mark, R is for robot, S is for star, T is for train, U is for umbrella, V is for volcano, W is for watermelon, X is for x-ray, Y is for yo-yo, Z is for zebra.

3 Ways to Use Your Alphabet Chart

1.) Play the “What’s Missing?” game. Use a sticky note and cut it to the right size. After talking about the letter chart and reviewing the letters, turn the chart towards yourself and cover one letter with the sticky note. Flip the chart back around and see who can guess which letter is covered!

2.) Try out this fun letter game. Play a game where you pick a letter on the chart and have your little one think of a word that begins with that same letter. You can always reverse the game and say the name of a word and have your little one point to it’s starting letter on the alphabet chart.

3.) Write each letter of the alphabet onto round stickers. Have your little ones stick each sticker onto its same letter. This is a great alphabet activity for building pincher strength! Remember, you can laminate your alphabet chart to use it again and again.

Don’t forget to laminate your chart!

Alphabet Chart with Stickers

Letter Learning Activities

We all learn in different ways, so be sure to give your little ones a variety of ways to learn about the letters of the alphabet. Combining these ways together is a great way to full encompass all the senses.

Visual Activities: Activities like letter Dot Dot recognition sheets and letter eye spy books are great for visual learners. Letter matching games are also a great way to learn the letters and build memory skills. Tracing the letters of the alphabet is great for kids who learn best through repetition, plus this is great for building fine motor skills.

Movement Activities: Have your little ones use their hands and arms to draw letters of the alphabet in the air. This is great for learning through movement and also burning some energy!

Sound: A lot of little learners make connections through sound. This is when singing can be a great way to learn the alphabet. Practice making the letter sounds out loud.

Sensory: Sensory activities are a great way to learn about the alphabet! Have a special box or bin for each letter. Open a new box each day or week. Inside, have lots of different things that start with your specific letter. For example, Letter A: an acorn, an apple, alligator beanie baby, an angel doll.

Alphabet Books for Preschool

Check out a couple of fun alphabet books for preschool. Learn the letters of the alphabet and discover potential interests. Reading with your little ones is a great way t build a social bond. Read “The Alphabet Book” and “S is for S’mores”.

Click below to print your Free Alphabet Chart!

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