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Free Alphabet Matching A-Z Worksheets for Preschool

Check out this awesome Free Alphabet Matching A-Z Worksheets for Preschool! This worksheet pack comes with five printable sheets including all letters A-Z! Build fine motor skills by cutting on the dotted line then gluing each letter to its matching partner. Above each letter is an image that starts with the same letter. Have your little ones use markers or crayons to color in all the pictures. Be sure to talk about the name of each picture. Print all 5 alphabet worksheets for preschool below!

Free Alphabet Matching A-Z

Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool

A is for “apple”, B is for “bumble bee”, C is for “cat”, D is for “dog”, and E is for “eye”! These are just a few examples of what you will see in your Alphabet Matching Worksheets! This is a great time to get your little ones talking. Name each image to build vocabulary. This is a great time to ask questions. Do you like dogs? Do you eat apples? F is for “flower”, G is for “grapes”, H is for “hotdog”, I is for “ice-cream”, and J is for “jellyfish”. Be sure to print Dot Dot Letter Recognition Sheets for all the letters in the alphabet.

Free Alphabet Matching A-E
Free Alphabet Matching F-J

Cut and Paste Alphabet Activity

K is for “kite”, L is for “ladybug”, M is for “moon”, N is for “noodles”, and O is for “owl”. These sheets can be used at any time during the year. Repetition is great for learning shapes, letters, and numbers. Learning these individual letters is the building blocks for simple words and sounds. P is for “penguin”, Q is for “question”, R is for “rocket”, S is for “star”, and T is for “train”. Get creative, have fun, and start a conversation. Check out all individual Letters A-Z Worksheets for tons of alphabet learning!

Free Alphabet Matching K-O
Free Alphabet Matching P-T

Alphabet Matching A-Z

These alphabet matching sheets are great for preschoolers because the cut & paste activity builds fine motor skills. Even if your little one doesn’t know all the letters, these worksheets give them a great chance to match the letters they see. As you name the letters while completing the worksheets, your little ones will build essential letter recognition skills. U is for “umbrella”, V is for “volcano”, W is for “watermelon”, X is for “xylophone”, Y is for “yo-yo”, and Z is for “zebra”.

Alphabet Matching Worksheet Letters U-Z

Click below to print your Free Alphabet Matching Worksheets for Preschool!

Awesome Alphabet Books for Preschool

We hope you enjoy these awesome Free Alphabet Matching A-Z Worksheets for Preschool. Be sure to check out the My Alphabet Tree for more creative fun! Get reading with these great alphabet books for preschool. Read “Cute A-Z” and “Creature ABC”.

Cute A-Z
Creature ABC

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