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Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschool!

Check out this creative Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschool! I love this craft because there are so many ways to color your butterfly. Use markers, watercolors, Dot Dot Markers, glitter, and more to create an awesome design! Once you spritz with water, you will have beautiful butterfly wings! This craft is great for an insect theme or spring theme! Don’t forget to check out the Rainbow Craft for another fun spring theme!

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft!
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Materials Needed:

coffee filters

Dot Dot markers, markers, watercolors

spray bottle full of water

pipe cleaners

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Step 1: Grab your supplies! Gather Dot Dot markers, markers, watercolors, pip cleaners, coffee filters, a spray bottle full of water, and any extra creative supplies you like. Each butterfly requires 2 decorated coffee filters. Flatten each filter with your hands and get creative with your supplies! I used Dot Dot markers and regular markers to decorate mine.

butterfly craft supplies
coffee filter dot dotted
coffee filter colored with markers

Step 2: Once you’ve completed your coffee filter designs, simply spritz your coffee filters with water. Each butterfly will need two coffee filters to give the butterfly 4 wings. This spritzing activity is great for building hand strength. I used a small bottle for my craft, but you can use a bigger bottle that is easier to spritz for your little ones. See how the colors melt together. What new colors do you see emerge?

spray water bottle
coffee filters sprayed with water

Step 3: Once your filters have fully dried, fold them accordion style. Then, take a pipe cleaner and make a loop around two coffee filters placed one on top of the other. Twist at the top. Loop the two ends of pipe cleaner around a finger to make antennae. Fold open your 4 wings! This process can be a bit tricky, so you will need to help your little ones with the assembly.

dried coffee filters folder accordion style
pipe cleaner twisted in the middle of coffee filter
coffee filter butterfly emerges!

Butterfly Craft for Pre-K!

Be sure to hang your beautiful butterflies somewhere for all to see. 20 butterflies pinned to a display board make for awesome classroom décor. Be sure to check out some fun butterfly facts to keep the learning going! Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies? Be sure to check out the Bunny Craft and Baby Chick Craft for more spring fun!

finished coffee filter butterfly craft for preschool

Butterfly Books for Preschool!

Check out some great butterfly books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to discover potential interests, build a social bond, and boost vocabulary skills! Read A Butterfly is Patient, Waiting for Wings, and Ten Little Caterpillars.

We hope you enjoyed this Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschool. Check out tons of fun Spring Crafts for Preschool and head to the entire Preschool Craft Library for loads of amazing printable crafts!

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