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Bee Craft for Kids! (with free cutouts)

Check out this awesome Bee Craft for Kids! (with free cutouts) See what magic you can create with a paper plate, free cutouts, watercolors, and a Dot Dot marker. This bee craft is perfect for a summer or insect theme! Boost creativity and build fine motor skills in this buzzing craft! Check it out! Bumble Bee Arts and Crafts have never been so much fun!

Bee Craft for Kids!
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Materials Needed:

paper plate

cardstock paper + Free Bee Craft Cutouts (download below)

watercolors/black Dot Dot marker/scissors/glue stick

Bee Craft for Kids!

Step 1: Gather your supplies! Print out your free bee craft cutouts onto cardstock paper. Regular paper is too thin! Use yellow watercolor to completely fill in your paper plate! Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the craft. What do bees sound like? Where do bees live? What 2 colors is a bumblee bee?

Bee Craft for Kids! materials
yellow watercolors
yellow water colored plate

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out all of the craft pieces. Remember, you can always use googly eyes if you have them handy! Use a glue stick to paste your eyes onto the paper plate. Next, use a black Dot Dot marker to make your bee’s stripes!

craft pieces
bumble bee eyes
Black Dot Dot Bumble Bee Stripes

Step 3: Glue your bee’s wings and antennae to the back of the plate so that they stick out. Add any finishing touches you like, perhaps some glitter will do!

Bee Wings
Bee Craft for Kids!

Bumblee Bee Art!

I see a bumble bee buzzing about the garden! Be sure to hang your new bee somewhere that needs a bit of cheer! Hey, how many dots does your bumble bee have? Let’s count! Make your next craft the Butterfly Craft for another fun spring creature!

Bee Craft for Kids!

Click below to print your free Bee Craft Cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Bee Craft for Kids! Check out tons of fun Spring Crafts for Preschool and head to the entire Preschool Craft Library for loads of amazing printable crafts!

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