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Free Triangle Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these awesome Free Triangle Worksheets for Preschool! It’s time to learn all about the amazing triangle! Have fun coloring pizza, tents, watermelon, Christmas trees, and more! Build fine motor skills with triangle cut & paste activities, and boost creativity with triangle Dot Dot pages and coloring pages! Trace, color, dot, match, and more! Print all 10 triangle activities below.

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Triangle Worksheets for Preschool!

Using triangle worksheets with preschoolers helps them figure out shapes, get those little fingers moving, and build some brainpower. Plus, it’s like a mini math boot camp that sets the stage for bigger math adventures down the road. The best part? It lets kids get all artsy and boosts their confidence, getting them ready for school in a fun way. Check out Shape Sorting Worksheets once you’ve got a few shapes learned!

Triangle Coloring Page
Triangle Coloring Page
Triangle Dot Dot Sheet
Triangle Dot Dot Page
Triangle Eye Spy Worksheet
Triangle I Spy Worksheet
Triangle Number Tracing Worksheet
Triangle Number Tracing Worksheet

Shape Worksheets for Preschool

Identifying triangles among other shapes improves a child’s visual discrimination skills. This ability is essential for reading, writing, and many other activities. Learning about triangles introduces basic math concepts, such as understanding the number of sides and corners a triangle has. A great way to start off a triangle lesson is to bring a few items shaped like a triangle. Discuss each object and count its corners!

Large Triangle Template
Large Triangle Template
Triangle Color, Trace, and Find Worksheet
Triangle Color, Trace, and Find Worksheet
Triangle Puzzle
Triangle Puzzle Cut & Paste Worksheet
Trace the Triangles Worksheet
Triangle Tracing Sheet

Triangle Activities for Preschool

This triangle pack is great for building fine motor skills! Working with scissors, tracing lines, and pasting images all builds the small muscles of the hands and fingers. Be sure to have fun with markers and crayons, and color in all the triangles you see! Want even more shape tracing practice? Print your Shape Tracing Pack next!

Triangle Letter Matching Cut & Paste Worksheet
Triangle Trace and Color Worksheet

Shape Flashcards!

Be sure to print your Free Shape Flashcards to keep practicing your shape identification skills! Play games, build vocabulary skills, and learn about eight exciting shapes!

Triangle Books for Preschool

Check out these great triangle books for preschool. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the worksheet pack and reading the books. How many sides does a triangle have? Is there anything in the room that is shaped like a triangle? How many triangle do you see on the page? Read “Triangle” and “The Perfect Fit”. Check out our entire library of Shape Printables for tons of fun and learning!

Triangle Book for Pre-K
"The Perfect Fit"

Click below to print your Free Triangle Worksheets for Preschool!

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