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Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these awesome Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool! When it comes to exploring new shapes it’s great to learn through tracing, coloring, puzzling, and more! Use Dot Dot markers, watercolors, crayons, markers, and stickers when completing the sheets. Be sure to ask your little ones questions about circles and where they can be found. Why not have some examples to go with the pack? Print all 9 circle worksheets below!

Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool!
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Circle Worksheets for Preschoolers!

Can you find all 10 circles in the circle eye spy sheet? Use a marker or crayon to circle each circle. To build pincher strength, use small stickers. Peel and stick one sticker onto each circle! Use Dot Dot markers in the circle dot dot sheet. Use your favorite colors or the color of the week. Next, put together a circle puzzle. Cut out the pieces on the right side of the page, then match each color to its same partner and see what shape emerges! Be sure to check out Square Worksheets for Preschool for more shape learning!

Circle Eye Spy Worksheet
Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool!, dot dot sheet
Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool!, puzzle

Shape Worksheets for Preschool

It’s time to learn all about circles! Have fun with a circle coloring sheet! Color in a beach ball, happy face, moon, and waffle! Then, print out a big circle template. This can be used for craft ideas, or you can simply color it in with markers, crayons, or watercolors. Use your color of the week! Next, color, trace, and discover in the circle identification worksheet.

circle coloring page
circle template
circle identification sheet

Preschool Circle Activities

Keep the fun going with a circle number counting worksheet. Use a marker or crayon to trace each number. Continue tracing with a classic circle tracing sheet. Practice letter identification skills in a circle spelling sheet! Cut out the letters at the bottom of the page and glue each one to its matching letter. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the worksheets. Do you see any circles in the room? What shape is a clock? What shape is a penny?

circle worksheets for preschool

Click below to print your Free Circle Worksheets for Preschool!

Circle Books for Preschool

Be sure to read books to your little ones after you complete your circle worksheets. Get thinking about all things round! Reading is a great way to build a connection, a conversation, and imagination! Read “Round is a Tortilla” and “Circle Rolls”. Check out our entire library of Shape Printables for tons of fun and learning!

Round is a Tortilla
Circle Rolls

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