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Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these fun Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool! Print 10 oval activities and learn all about this exciting shape! Build fine motor skills with oval cut & paste activities, then boost creativity with oval coloring pages and Dot Dot pages! This worksheet pack is a great jumping off point for discovering oval shapes in the classroom and at home. Print all 10 oval worksheets below!

Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!
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Oval Worksheets for Preschool

Use markers, crayons, and small stickers to get creative and build the small muscles in the fingers and hands! When little ones have strong hands, not only can they pick up and set down objects, but they can write, cut, zip, tie, color, and so much more! Engaging with the oval is a great way to learn about a new shape and build up muscle strength!

Oval Coloring Page
Oval Coloring Page
Oval Template, Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!
Large Oval Template
Oval I spy Worksheet
Oval I Spy Worksheet
Oval Letter Matching Worksheet
Oval Letter Matching Worksheet

Shape Worksheets for Preschool

This oval worksheet pack has some great oval images including: an egg, a balloon, an olive, a ladybug, and a mirror. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the pack. Is there anything you see in your room that is shaped like an oval? How many corners does an oval have? What makes an oval different from a circle? Once you’ve got a a few shapes learned, check out Shape Sorting Worksheets.

Free Oval Worksheets, Oval Color, Trace, and Find
Oval: Color, Trace, and Find Worksheet
Oval Dot Dot Worksheet, Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!
Oval Dot Dot Page
Oval Counting Worksheet
Oval Counting Worksheet
Oval Puzzle
Oval Puzzle

Oval Activities for Preschool

This oval pack gives your little ones the chance to cut & paste, trace, match, color, Dot Dot, and more! Not only will you be learning about the wonderful oval, but you get the chance to identify different colors as well. Match your colors in the oval puzzle and talk about what colors you choose to use in the oval coloring page and Dot Dot page. Print your Shape Tracing Pack next!

Oval Tracing Sheet, Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!
Oval Tracing Sheet
Oval Trace and Color Worksheet
Oval Trace and Color Worksheet

Shape Flashcards!

Be sure to print your Free Shape Flashcards to keep practicing your shape identification skills! Play games, build vocabulary skills, and learn about eight exciting shapes!

Oval Books for Preschool

When learning about ovals, get reading some books! “Ovals” by Teddy Borth is a great book for identifying ovals in everyday life. See ovals in the shape of a lollipop, football stadium, and more! We hope you enjoyed these Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool. Check out our entire library of Shape Printables for tons of fun and learning!

Click below to print your Free Oval Worksheets for Preschool!

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