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Free Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these exciting Free Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool! Learn that two longs sides with two short sides makes a rectangle! Have fun with a rectangle tracing sheet, eye spy sheet, Dot Dot sheet, template, and more! Build fine motor skills and boost creativity through these awesome rectangle activities and worksheets!

Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool
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Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool

First, break out the markers and crayons in the Rectangle Coloring Page. Color in a notebook, juice box, envelope, and crayon box. Next, use Dot Dot markers in the Rectangle Dot Dot Sheet. To build pincher strength, use small stickers. Peel and stick one sticker onto each circle. Finally, have fun with a Rectangle Eye Spy Worksheet, Can you find all 10 rectangles? Check out Triangle Worksheets for Preschool to keep the shape learning going!

Rectangle Coloring Page
Rectangle Dot Dot Page
Rectangle Eye Spy

Rectangle Activities for Preschool

Practice tracing numbers 1-10 in the Rectangle Counting Page. Use a marker or crayon to trace each number. Next, get creative with your Rectangle Template. Use the template in a craft, or simply fill it in with watercolors. Use the color of the week! In this next Rectangle Worksheet for Pre-K color in the rectangles, then trace, then find!

Rectangle Counting Sheet
Rectangle Template
Rectangle Shape Worksheet

Shape Worksheets for Preschool

Practice your cut & paste skills with a Rectangle Puzzle! Cut out the pieces on the right side of the page, then paste each piece to its matching circle of color. This is great for building color identification skills. Finally, use a marker or crayon to trace the rectangles in a classic Rectangle Tracing Worksheet. Use these worksheets to facilitate conversations about shapes. Are there any things shaped like a rectangle in the room? How many sides does a rectangle have?

Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool

Click below to print your Free Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool!

Rectangle Books for Preschool

Get ready for two awesome books about rectangles! Be sure to grab a copy to go with your Rectangle Worksheet Pack. Both books do a great job illustrating rectangles and explaining what it is that makes a rectangle a rectangle! Read “Rectangle Time” and “Two Short, Two Long”. Check out our entire library of Shape Printables for tons of fun and learning!

Rectangle Time
Two Short, Two Long

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