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Free Shape Flashcards for Preschool!

Print your Free Shape Flashcards for Preschool! This printable pack includes eight shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, star, and heart. Keep reading to discover some great games you can play with your shape flashcards! Learning about shapes prepares your little ones for new vocabulary words, plus visual discrimination, including “the same and different”, and patterning. Print your shape flashcards below!

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Shape Flashcards for Preschool!

This shape flashcard pack is a great way to introduce your little ones to eight basic shapes. Use this pack in conjunction with hands-on shape activities. Be sure to print your shape flashcards onto cardstock paper, then laminate them to keep them long-lasting. You can also stick magnets to the back of your cards if you want to put them on the chalkboard or fridge!

Learning about shapes forms a strong foundation for your little ones’ mathematical readiness, introducing them to fundamental geometric concepts that will prove valuable as they progress through their education. It also hones their visual discrimination skills, enabling them to distinguish and identify different shapes accurately. This ability has broader implications for reading and writing, where recognizing shapes within letters and words becomes crucial. Print your Shape Tracing Worksheets to engage with a variety of shapes and build fine motor skills!

Fun Shape Games for Preschool!

  1. Shape Matching: Lay out a set of shape flashcards face down and take turns flipping two cards at a time. The goal is to find matching shapes. This game enhances memory and shape recognition skills.
  2. Shape Hunt: Hide the shape flashcards around a room or in a play area. Give children clues or riddles related to the shapes, and have them search for and collect the matching flashcards. It’s a great way to encourage active learning.
  3. Shape Sorting: Provide a collection of objects or toys, and have the children match them to the corresponding shape flashcards. For example, if they have a toy triangle, they should find the triangle flashcard.
  4. Shape Memory Game: Place the shape flashcards face down in a grid formation. Players take turns flipping two cards at a time, trying to find matching pairs. This classic memory game helps improve concentration and memory.

Shape Activities for Pre-K

The shapes and images correspond to each other including: circle/donut, square/treasure map, oval/ladybug, diamond/kite, rectangle/envelope, triangle/tent, star/happy star, and heart/happy heart. Once you’ve learned a few shapes, be sure to print your Shape Sorting Worksheets, next!

Fun Shape Books for Preschool

Check out three exciting shape books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social bond, boost vocabulary skills, and discover potential interests! Read “Wild About Shapes”, “Shape by Shape”, and “Mouse Shapes”.

Click below to print your Free Shape Flashcards for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Shape Printables! Be sure to head to the Shape Library for individual shape worksheets packs, and head to out entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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